What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

don’t know what I’ll do April 25, 2006

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I’ve got one more question of my semantics takehome exam to write out ‘in good’ and then I’m finished for the year.

*long exhalation*

wait…have I mentioned how genius I think these guys are:

anyway…aside from my recent fascination with youtube.com

So, I spent today writing out my semantics takehome exam ‘in good’, like I said, and left for school early in order to meet my cousin, continue to write out my semantics and meet with my prof to discuss my group project and it’s sucky-ness, and hopefully hand in this thing so I don’t have to go back up there.

Yeah…that didn’t work quite how I wanted it to.

I forgot my homework at work…and my prof had little sympathy about the group project. No, she had sympathy just not the kind that translates itself into better marks.


So, I took all this as a sign that I must be meant to drink cider and hang out at home with the bf.

I wanted to do everything tonight…I knit a little, played a little WoW, and even managed to make a double batch of applespice loaf and that is why I’m up at 12:14 typing in my blog…aside from the fact that blogging was another thing I wanted to do, I’m waiting for my appleloaf to finish baking.

I’m exhausted from my relaxing night.


belated wishes April 24, 2006

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Originally uploaded by himbly.

Firstly, if you’re idea of success is in a picture attached to this post…eat a dick.

Yeah, I know. I know. He’s rich. They’re beautiful. Blah. Blah. Fucking blah. Look closer. See what’s missing? Aside from clothes? Uh…souls.

Yes, indeedy do-dah..it’s Hef’s 80th. Apparently he celebrated in his usual creepy style with a lingerie party. Who does that who’s not grody? Let’s make that set of x, where x is an individual, x throws lingerie parties, and x is NOT grody a little smaller. Who does that when they’re 80 and is not grody?

These blonde ladies pictured with Hef…these ladies are his girlfriends. Joe Rogan once said that he’s got so many girlfriends because they require a support group in order to be with him (paraphrased). Considering that between the time when I heard JRogan say that until now, Hef has gotten older and Hef’s gf brigade has tripled in size! I would say that JRogan was pretty accurate in his musings.

So, I checked out his b-day greeting website. You can find it here, filed under depraved lameness. If you are so inclined, I would ask you permit me a few words before you go zooming off to The Grotto.

Please please please check out the birthday greetings. They come in three flavours: celeb, centerfold, and girlfriend.


The celeb Hef-80-barfday-greeting was enlightening. It was eyeopening. It was wonderful. Because if I ever thought that these people were better than me somehow….I’ve proved myself wrong and I can continue holding my head high.

My friend once said, ‘money does not buy class’. Now, she was talking about Calgary during times of the Stampede or the Red Mile, but I found it to be extremely profound and carry it as I do so many proverbs. Let me tell you, it applies here. You only need to see Paris Hilton and her birthday song/wish to understand what I’m talking about.

The centerfold Hef-b-day-wish vid was also something to behold. To sum it up:

Hef, you are amazinggg

Hef, I love you

Hef, you’ve done more for me than anyone

Hef, you gave me a personal masturbation tool

Oh? He did more for you than anyone? So…he sent you to school, did he? Encouraged you in artistic endevours? Helped you find your true self?

Or did he plaster your tits all over his shitty magazine and use you for eye/handcandy at his grotto parties?

And what is an 80 year old man giving a 20-something girl a ‘personal masturbation tool’ for? Name anywhere else that would be cool. Anywhere.

Okay..and so what if he does show pics of these girls boobies? What’s the big deal? It’s not like these women are ruined afterwards, that’s true. It’s not like they aren’t doing it completely willingly and getting quite nicely compensated for any pains taken.

I just hate that he gets glory for this. Everyone in the g-damn world thinks this guy is the cat’s pyjamas because he knows how to exploit the beauty of the women who let him. Yeah, so does Larry Flynt…but Larry Flynt doesn’t try to come off as some sorta high class guy.

And Hef is not some sorta high class guy because money does not buy class.

I’m not even going to talk about the girlfriend’s vid…good lord, it kinda speaks for itself.

Oliver Stone says in his b-day wish that Hef is a man that lives his dream and he (Stone) is in awe. Yeah, me too, Ollie…me too.


hyperventilation! April 23, 2006

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I’ve even written Ralph Bakshi himself trying to find these…

(awhile ago…before youtube.com)


Huzzah! April 17, 2006

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I just finished 17 pages worth of creole linguistics…and boy are my arms tired.

I hand this in tomorrow, then one more assignment due before my semester ends and I am finished this year. What a year.

I’ve given myself until today to eat sweets…tomorrow it’s back on my no sugar kick.

This post is lame, I know..but I wanted to write the thing about the no sugar so that I make sure I do it.

Coming soon, though…my opinion on Hef’s 80s b-day.

Here’s a preview: Happy Birthday, you loser jackass.

Night all!


these are always fun

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Greed: Medium
Gluttony: Medium
Wrath: Medium
Sloth: Low
Envy: Very Low
Lust: Very Low
Pride: High

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz


loony liberal April 15, 2006

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You scored 42 Equality, 71 Liberty, and 28 Stability!
You think liberty is important both for yourself and for all of humanity. You respect others and think it is important that everyone be given the opportunity to make decisions for themselves rather than have authority figures tell them what is best. The autonomy of every individual is important to you but you think there are times in which personal action needs to be restricted. As such you recognise that there is a role for government as long as it depends on the consent of the governed – this makes parliamentary democracy important to you. You prefer the role of government in economics and society to be small. In practice you will tolerate public sector activity as long as it is efficient and allows you to get on with your life. You are likely to advocate for both a predominantly free-market economy and a cosmopolitan and permissive culture.

For information on liberal political parties worldwide see: http://www.liberal-international.org/

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 28% on Equality
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You scored higher than 28% on Liberty
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You scored higher than 38% on Stability

Link: The Political Objectives Test written by Originaluddite on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

SO GOOD! April 14, 2006

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teen girl squad mittens
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These are the most awesome things I’ve ever seen in my entire life and they make me want to sing.

Teen girl squad mittens. The girl who made them is very likely the next messiah.

If’n you don’t know for what I speak, I suggest you hightail it over to homestarrunner.com and watch funny in action.

Might I suggest a wee taste of episode 8?