What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

Think of it as a type of reveille January 5, 2008

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I bring you this, my friends, to signal the dawning of my return (is that semantically possible?).    


remember this? November 26, 2007

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Wtf?  This is hilarious:  


a little somethin’ for the ladies…

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awww….*snort*…awwwwww October 7, 2007

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It seems to me that, unless I make an effort to go to bed at 11-11:30’ish, I get this crazy second wind that leaves me wide awake at 2am.

Generally speaking.

Anyway, that’s where I am. I’m up late because I felt as though I should get some more stuff done, but is it getting done? no. Hellllls no.

This, in turn, has made me a bit melancholy…and we all know what helps with melancholy, don’t we kids? Yes! If we’re going to be all sad and lonely and pensive, then we might as well get advice from the King:

You know, when you can’t outdo someone it just feels useless even trying. So, I cheered up.


sorry for lack of output & sorta youtube romp September 7, 2007

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Firstly, I’m addicted to this (thanks Jacqui)

Secondly, my computer has been deciding to shut off whenever it damn well pleases. This leaves me with limited time to do anything on it so it’ll be going to the mac hospital on monday to have itself sorted out.

Thirdly, school has sprung and my life got considerably busier quite suddenly. You oughta see my dayplanner…it hasn’t seen that much action for quite some time, I’ll tell you. It and I had to powder our noses.

I’ll combine this post with a couple more youtubes:

yes, that is Steven Colbert dancing and singing…

So, things are good but I have a lot on my mind which has put my blogging on the back burner for now (as tends to happen when my head is in a swirl). I can’t even remember what I said about it in my last post, so I’ll just leave it up to mystery…or not.

The other day I had someone change chairs away from me when I told them what I do. That was funny.

I’ll leave you with a clip from The Forbidden Zone…Danny Elfman’s brother Richard’s first film:


Himbly’s friday youtube romp August 24, 2007

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To begin this week’s romp, I need to thank lilithattack. She just put this in my comments, but I think it needs to be out for all to see:

I’m not going to go so heavy with the youtube this week, but I”ve got two more good ‘uns. One by writer David Sedaris:

And another by his sister Amy Sedaris:


Himbly’s Saturday youtube romp August 11, 2007

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Hola chicos,

For today’s romp, I am going to take you in the way back machine and we’ll venture together into the land of the 60s. Now, usually I’m pretty sensitive to things that are dated…and this stuff is dated…but still funny in my books.

Before there was Andy Kaufman, before there was…umm…well, whatever. Roll the clip!

From Tiny Tim to Burly Orson:

Oh Goldie:

and…in the tradition of the ‘dumb blonde’ character…here’s Carol Channing telling a great story about Joan Crawford’s wedding:

amazing that I can’t find anything other than this clip for what, what I think logically, comes next:

As J says…’funniest movie about child abuse ever’. Let’s move on from funny child abuse to funny animal abuse via the muppets:

and, let’s top it all off with some Lily Tomlin:


Himbly’s Friday/Saturday Youtube Romp August 4, 2007

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Okay…as much as I’m currently adoring Rufus Wainwright, I am going to give everyone else a break and try not to feature him in this week’s romp. I am starting this romp as a result of a conversation I had with a labmate of mine. It all starts with this:

Hurrah Torpedo doing Total Eclipse of the Heart. Now….I showed this to my labmate thinking it was brilliant. She agreed that it was pretty funny…but it had nothing on the original video.

How so? Well…if you look at the original, there’s everything you might want out of a music video: glowing eyes, flying ninjas, flying everything, all boys school, scary twist ending….enjoy…

Now…as long as we’re talking about flying ninjas and glowing eyes in boys’ schools (where Bonnie Tyler apparently teaches when she’s not running through the creepy hallways), lets talk about something equally as plausible….creationism:

Apparently, humans hung out with the dinosaurs. Apparently, because humans existed at the same time as dinosaurs, they actually hung out with them peacefully (as you can see the little girl doing in that part of the vid). Apparently, because humans and bears exist at the same time, we do the same thing….?

yeah..I know. Side argument and why bother? The whole thing is bananas wrapped in baloney and dipped in nuts.

Another side note, though? Was anyone else a bit surprised at how much those moving dinosaur displays must’ve cost? There’s some real money backing that museum in Kentucky. We do, however, have one right here in Alberta and I’m planning to go with platypus and gerbils. We will then go to the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington to regain our scientific reason.

Creationist bloggity post to come…guaranteed. Prolly pre and post museum visit because I’ve already got some things to say.

in the meanwhile, here’s someone else’s perspective on the Creationist museum:

…and here’s Ricky Gervais’:


Himbly’s friday/saturday youtube romp July 28, 2007

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Ahh..well rested. To finish off the youtube romp from yesterday here’s one that I can’t get out of my head. Made funnier because that’s actually Carol Channing’s voice:

Was out for dinner a few nights ago when this one came into the conversation. An oldie, and I’ve put it up before, I think…but it’s a-goodie:


annnd…one more Family guy to round it all up for this week. Since we’re doing a, mostly, geek fest here…I thought the first one with Chester Cheetah was appropriate.


Himbly’s friday night youtube romp July 27, 2007

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Hey y’all…

there will be a friday night youtube romp…but on saturday. I’ve not slept at all well this week for varying reasons; none of which are serious…mostly trivial and stupid…but all leading to friday night being a christ-I-can-only-watch-DVDs night. This coupled with the pain of crushing on a brilliant, handsome and gay man has put me out for the night. He’ll never know the gentle touch of Himbly, but you can watch him here and imagine he loves me back:


I was gonna start the romp with these anyway. More tomorrow!


UPDATE: Just fascinated with the April Fool’s video, I found some interesting information here:

The clip finds Wainwright waking up one morning with some of opera’s greatest heroines: Cho-Cho-San (“Madame Butterfly”), Carmen (“Carmen”), Mimi (“La Boheme”), Tosca (“Tosca”) and Gilda (“Rigoletto”). The sextet gather round the piano for a moment of music before heading off to the local diner for breakfast. … Of course, Carmen is not the only diva to die in “April Fools,” despite Wainwright’s brave efforts to stave off the inevitable: Mimi succumbs to consumption, Tosca hurls herself off a bridge, Cho-Cho-San commits ritual suicide, and Gilda sacrifices herself to a band of thugs.


Renewing an already strong infatuation: July 26, 2007

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Rufus Wainwright. After tonight there’s nothing left to say about his incredible performance.


Maybe this should be a weekly romp: Himbly’s Friday Youtube Romp July 20, 2007

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I love youtube. Love love love youtube. So, now I’m going to try (if I remember) to do a weekly feature here at chez Himbly. Himbly’s Weekly Romp Through Youtube. And have I got some good ones today.

Firstly is a little ditty from Ricky Gervais. Now, I’m no fan of Coldplay, but Chris Martin sounds like an alright guy and this interview is quite funny:

Second up is a clip from Graham Norton. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he’s the host of a comedy talkshow in Britain. Prank calls, as he says in the clip, are “not big or clever” but his are hilarious:

Another Graham Norton with Shirley Bassey. Funny and sweet for the thrill the ‘prankee’ gets out of it:

Um. Okay. This is only going up because gerbils told me that if I sent him youtube stuff he knew it would eff him up. ha. So, then…I’ve not seen all of this ’cause it’s too creepy. Anyone who does watch all of it, tell me what the eff is going on here!

Yeah..I’m a terrible chicken.

Speed dating:

Perhaps overkill, but GN is reducing me to tears: