What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

voyeur sundays October 30, 2005

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Every Sunday, the second or third’ish thing I look at is Postsecret.blogspot.com.

People make postcards with their secrets and send ’em in.

I can’t remember where I found this, so I can’t thank anyone for the link. Sorry.


my bf was in new york… October 27, 2005

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…and aside from a lousy t-shirt, he never told me about this:

Naked Cowboy.

If I could only ever have the opportunity to say this:

“Hey look, if I had all the answers, I wouldn’t be standing out in my underwear in Times Square.”

I’d probably die on the spot, my life’s goal fulfilled.

Thanks to Huck for the link.


oh yeah October 26, 2005

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This one will make more sense…

lame, but…

if anyone happens to come across this blog and knows anything about Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic) I would love love LOVE to talk to you about it.

I am in the midst of trying to wrap myself inside that language like a child in a blanket. Like a fig in a newton. Like a lvl 48 shaman in a lightning shield.

night night


re: self portrait in pink October 25, 2005

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I’m not sure that made any sense.

And, yes…since I’ve cut back a whole bunch on drinking, two ciders does get me cut.



self portrait in pink

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My blog has taken a turn for the worse. Well…I suppose not ~worse~ worse, but I never wanted post after post of ‘this is what I did today’, ‘this is how I feel today’ sorta crap…

…but then again…who cares?

So, I continue. I mean, since school started, I’ve not had time to think of real things. Going to a lecture on Thursday from the guy who did The Corporation, so that’ll get me outside myself for a little while.

(yay! I hear from the left….boo! I hear from the right)

So…I feel great tonight.

And it ain’t only the two ciders I’ve had. Though, I am cut. So forgive me if you do decide to continue.

however, my body doesn’t feel all that great.

let me ‘splain…

when I was a younger lady…I used to get stressed…and then get sick immediately when said stress ended.

but I’d growed up now…

For the past coupla weeks, this stupid paper was haunting me. I could go into detail as to why this paper was particularly painful, but I won’t ’cause I’ll sound like a dork. It was due today…and I also had a midterm.

‘no problem’, I thought, ‘I can handle it’. And I did…mostly…I mean, I’m not sick, right?

I got more and more anxious to have these things out of the way.

Woke up this morning (after a week of semi-bad sleep) and my neck was a bit sore.

*shrug*…I slept on it wrong.

But I was eager to see the back end of that paper..and write the midterm and be done…

Handed in paper…went to second class and by the end of it, my neck was so sore that I could barely move my head.

Now I’ve handed in the paper, wrote the test, and I’m no longer on the verge of tears. My head, however, remains stationary.

G-damn my neck hurts.

And that, children, is apparently how I deal with stress. Oh, that and crying in the bathroom at work.

I’ve seriously got to work on my blog-writing skills…


while I’m at it… October 21, 2005

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It just occured to me. Without TV, I have no idea if these videos are totally out of date and everyone’s seen them already.

oh well.


kick it

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I’m not sure I can think of one person who could do this better.


musing October 20, 2005

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I’m supposed to be writing a paper right now.

I’m always writing a paper, it seems. Ha! I’m gonna start using that (ie. writing a paper) as a euphamism for masturbation.

Now, when I say ‘I’m writing a paper’, I can tell who reads my blog because they’ll snicker.

But, I really am in the midst of a paper. It’s about that time of the evening when I start bargaining with myself.

“Dude, if I go to bed now (8:50 pm!!) I can totally wake up super early and work on my paper before I leave for day-work”

Luckily, my present-self has known my bartering-self for many years (they grew up together) and knows that I’m full of horseshit. No deal.

I’m boyfriendless right now as he has gone to New York on a business trip. Lucky. So, I just went to the sushi restaurant downstairs to order some take out as a consolation prize. I won’t say how much I ordered (a lot) but all I can say is that I’ve not even gone through 1/3rd of it and I’m so utterly full. So much for my wild ‘goin’ stag girl’ week.

…sushi I’m too full to eat and homework…

that’s what it consists of (and I totally planned it that way). It’s alright, though it’s really quiet around here and I wake up sorta bummed. I’ll be happy when he gets back.

The mouse is still around, too. I stomp before I enter a room to frighten him off.

Anyway…speaking of sushi and restaurants that sell it. If there is reincarnation, I hope -if I live a righteous life- that I come back as a Japanese girl. All you have to do is walk into the place downstairs to understand why a fetish exists about them.


My toe just slid under the drawer unit under my desk and brushed past something. So, I ran my foot back to check what it was and it was gone…so now I’m freaked out about that stupid mouse again. Seriously! I have a broom sitting beside me just in case I see it.

*heebee jeebees*


I ought to get back to my paper.



So..that’s how they do it. October 16, 2005

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I gotta write about part of my dream last night.

I was at a mall with my mum, aunt and two cousins.

The ‘up’ escalator was next to a staircase, which was against a huge glass pillar that went to the ceiling. Inside, there was a hillside with a rocky river running down.

Inside the river were pipes that shot out piping hot licorice…

-red…don’t like the anise-flavoured kind-

…which was immediately cooled by the water. Waiting at the river banks were older, sorta scando-slavic looking people (in scando-slavic garb) and their job was to jump in and wrestle these huge ropes of licorice out of the water and hang them nearby to dry.

Weird, huh? The dream got pretty freaky and scary soon afterwards, but that part made me giggle.


No patience for pests October 11, 2005

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There’s a mouse in my kitchen….



What is it about such a tiny little creature that makes me…

a sentient, bipedal, huge (relative to the mouse) mammal

…freak. the. eff. out. when I see one?

I just walked into the kitchen, went to reach for a cup on the drying rack and he was staring back up at me. And, somewhere in my frontal lobes I appreciated how durn cute the lil guy was…

…but clearly my hindbrain took over and I screamed and lept out of the kitchen.

Screamed, everyone.

And not that kinda cute girlie yelp, either.

I let out a wordless exclamation that resembled the same ones all our mothers used to do when you hid behind a door and jumped out at her as a kid.

You know…kinda mid-tone “Aaaah!”


So…that ‘little begger’ (as the woman at the drugstore just called it when she saw me pick up a mousetrap) is going to have a last meal of cheese and peanut butter.

I know…I know…living creature…yadda yadda yadda…but I just can’t.

I can’t.

I can’t live with it and I can’t do the ‘humane’ thing and drive it out to where a/ it’s going to come back, b/ it’s going to find someone else’s house to run into or c/ it’s going to freeze anyway.

The only way that little beast and I are going to be able to co-exist is if one of us is dead. And I have a paper due.


Strangest durn thing I’ve ever seen…. October 7, 2005

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Try this.

It’s a puzzle.

I can’t figure it out but it’s so neat-o that I don’t care.


uh-uh-oh October 4, 2005

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Ironic they should do a street sign for a song Falco recorded.

Dude! I just found a picture of his tomb.


Dork Kingdom

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I really try not to take a ‘gender-view’ when someone treats me like sidewalk gum.


…sometimes a girl just can’t help it. ‘Specially when the dorks in question are ~men~…and they happen to be treating ~other men~ as if they both were mensa-brothers.

I’m reasonably descent at both my jobs. I don’t ask for much help, I’m able to think out most problems on my own. I try to stay on top of things.

I make mistakes, but nothing tragic or dreadfully stupid.

And the people who I work with ~generally~ are complimentary and appreciative. I’ve heard ‘good gossip’ about myself.

Its the people I don’t directly work with that feel the need to take a crap on my poor head. And, the funny thing is that when i say, ‘hey! you just took a crap on my head!’ the little bitches get all nervous and ignore it. Good lord! Either stand up for yourself or talk behind my back.


Anyway…I wrote this entry badly. I would erase it, but I really want to post that pic of the fat kid in a viking outfit.