What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

Girl from the North Country March 31, 2007

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this song grabs me by the guts and flings me against a wall. It quite literally gives me butterflies. And it is THIS Bob Dylan which started my adoration of New York-y Jewish creative-type men.


Thanks for reminding me about this, Ian


space invaders! March 30, 2007

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Check it, yo.


I’m gonna make it after all March 29, 2007

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Update: I just completed my first request for ethics approval and it’s ready to send in tomorrow. Soon I will have paper that allows me to start experimentin’ on babies and turning them into a remote-control army with which I will take over Alaska.

Kidding, of course. Actually, these little angels are going to listen to fake words and tell me, though their eye-gaze, whether they like what they hear or not. I can’t wait!


pssst March 28, 2007

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I live directly above a sushi restaurant.

The building in which I live is fairly old for this city’s standards, and so there are actually holes in parts of the (thin) floor that allow noise to travel very easily. One such hole is behind me right now, by the radiator.

They’ve just closed, and as is their habit, the staff is hanging out and chatting in Japanese. Now, I like the sound of Japanese, so I’m happy to listen to it. There’s about 2 guys down there and a zillion girls…the waitresses…all in cute black cotton dresses and knee-high socks (no, I can’t see them now, but I’ve been there tons and that’s what their uniforms look like). Someone is clearly cracking jokes down there left and right because waves of giggles are eminating from the floorboards.

It just struck me now. I’m am sitting directly above someone’s fetish.



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At one time, this would have been the coolest thing ever.

Now, I dunno, it’s only a kinda cool thing. Pretty cool, I guess.

If it were Family Guy, that would be a whole other thing.


My name is Himbly and I have a problem

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No kidding…

For the past few days I have been eating handfuls of roasted sesame seeds. Hand. Fulls. Wtf?

I cannot stop. I’ve also been waking up with a little bit of a sore stomach…on which I blame eating handfuls of sesame seeds. They are SO damn good, though. It’s like a party in my mouth everytime…and then, after a few minutes, if I find a stray one with my tongue…it’s like Easter! The party starts all over again.

As soon as…oh! just found one. Mmmmmm…as soon as all the little morsels are gone, I’m powerless to the call of the kitchen. I’ve started pouring them into a spoon just so that I wouldn’t lose so many when they stuck to my hand! And just now…the reason I knew that I needed to confess..*sigh*…okay, here’s the story.

I went into the kitchen and poured out a spoonful. After slipping every last delicious one into my mouth, I poured another and set it aside on the cuttingboard so that I could have ‘one more for the road’. I sealed the bag (for the millionth time) and went to grab the teaspoon filled with sesame goodness. I knocked it over and half of it spilled out onto the cutting board. IN my haste, I knocked out half of what was left. Friends…I sucked up all those sesame seeds like a fiend looking for spilled coke in the carpet after the party’s through.


dang…they sure are tasty, though.


I don’t quite know what to say… March 27, 2007

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Thanks to I, Asshole for the link