What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

aaaannnndddd….BREAK! December 31, 2006

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Holy crap.

Holy effing crap.

Last night at around 12:30, I finally finished my semester.

Whoooo! Spring…no….Winter break! YEAH!

I’ve been writing papers for so long that I don’t know what to do with myself. I hear that there’s people out there who know me…some of them even like me. I hear I have friends. These people I have not seen in so long, I have forgotten what they look like.


I have a week to do nothing. OH. Again, that’s a negative. But…I have a week to do considerably less pressing stuff before school starts. Even slightly longer than a week. I’m rolling in free time!

No one cares, but it’s my blog so I’m gonna tell you that my papers were on the following topics:

Morphology class: I wrote about the acquisition of the morphological causative affix order in Inuktitut. This stuff is NOT my strength, so it was really hard. I am pleased because, really, I think this means I never have to take another morphology class my entire career. Not that I regret it, but one is definitely enough.

Phonology: I wrote about the asymmetries in the acquisition of onset and coda clusters (kids master coda clusters faster than onset clustesrs) and why I think that there’s some physical and psychological reasons for it.

Thanks for indulging me.

These papers have obsessed me for…well, I don’t know how long but I did start working on both over a month ago. Never again! I will, from now on, start papers significantly earlier. Jacqui and I have a plan.

It is new year’s eve today and I am happy to be able to relax and hang out at home tonight without being tied to a word document. But first, I feel like musing on my first semester of graduate school:

holy effing crap.

That was something else. I seriously can’t believe a/ how much I crammed into my head about linguisics and b/ how little I know about linguistics. I really hope for the next semester, and indeed for ever more, that I learn how to manage time better.


The moral of this story is… December 26, 2006

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don’t fuck with a linguist.

Update: Now with pictures!


R.I.P. Godfather December 25, 2006

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James Brown dead at 73.


That’s right, bitches December 17, 2006

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The Veteran

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My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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Link: The BASIC classic rock Test written by allmydays on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test


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You are a
Social Liberal
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and an…
Economic Liberal
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You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test


Dreamweaver December 15, 2006

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The past two night I’ve dreamt:

1- that a huge storm beat the shit out of our fair city. Actually, it looked more red brick building-y…but whatever. There was rubble and broken walls everywhere.

2- dang…I forgot this one. But it was distressing.

3- that a murderous brother and sister pair were after me.


Hitch goes crazy, World still turns December 14, 2006

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So, my friend and colleague of hard knocks, Jacqui passed to me the other day an article that women have been passing to each other as of late. Hitchens thinks women are no fun at parties, but they do great at funerals and brises.

Now, I’ve been mulling this over in my head about how to write about this. But I’ve got 2 papers pending and a LOT of test marking…plus some dork thinks all my intellectual time should go to arguing with him about his delusions of grandeur over at another blog that I’m not going to link here because I’ve sworn off that xenophobic piece of crap because even arguing against her belittles your soul. I seem to have gotten off track. Ah, well…

Okay…so the Hitch response was back-burnered.

In the computer lab yesterday, Jacqui told me about this short response tucked into the larger, yet still funny, post which I finally got around to reading now and found this one. Now this is comedy that Hitch obviously never counted on.

So…my work’s been done, and better than I can do it. Great. I’ll leave you to read it, then.