What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

Think I’ll give this place a go March 18, 2007

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I changed my stupid format over at www.himbly.blogspot.com and rendered it unfixably ugly. Well, it’s fixable, but I am bored of it now. Bored. If I ever come up with something good, I’ll haul the whole works back there….doubt it, though.

So, if you’re new and want to see the history of my blaahhhgity, then go on and check it out.

If you actually hit the link on my old blog to come see the new place, then thank you, my darlings. May angels sing to you sleep each night.

UPDATE: Wow…looks like I was able to bring the old blog over here. I like this place more and more.


Welcome to the new Crib March 17, 2007

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New blaaahgity

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Just getting this set up.