What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

*speechless* September 30, 2005

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Thanks to eener who found this.

I’ve loved Sacha Cohen’s comedy ever since I saw a five hour fest of Ali G in London. Here he is again exposing some people’s ignorance and predudice.

It’s pretty disturbing.


neat-o misquito September 29, 2005

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Check this out.


S-s-sp-p-e-e-en-n-c-c-er September 28, 2005

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how great is this picture? September 27, 2005

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no business like show business

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While reading through blogs today, this one reminded me about the film fest going on right now. I really ought to talk about it since I have a very small role to play.

This year, I’m too busy to do much but work a few shifts. Usually I am super excited to be part of it, but this year too much going on.

Be that as it may, I worked on Sunday evening.

I can’t quite explain to you the shit show that is my booth during film fest. We get all sorts of film and new equipment in to pull this off. People are coming and going delivering or taking away stuff, there’s stacks of reels that need splicing or broken down to ship away, there’s schedules, revised schedules and revised revised schedules…

…and there’s a big bottle of rum that has the label “projectionist lubricant”.

This year I rushed in and asked my boss what there was to splice, break down, cry over, etc….

‘nothing’, he replied.

‘nothing?’, I asked.

You see, good reader(s), about half the films this year are on DVD. And although that made me breathe a sigh of relief because I had homework to do, it made me a little sad at the demise of an old craft.

Truth is…from what I’ve seen so far..you can’t make DVD look better than 35mm. Not yet.

So there.

Not that anyone cares…quality is becoming a concern of the past.

But, that’s another rant for another day.

(Luckily, the films I ran were on 35 mm so I got to strut my stuff anyway.)



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Hello Nurse
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I try not to do regular posts about what’s going on in my life…blah blah blah

(say that like a vampire)

but, I seem to be doing that lately, so..what the hay, hey?

My grandmother is in the hospital again. This time blood clot in the arm. She called my mother…

who, by the way, is a fabulous person

…Saturday night and was in the hospital in short order when my mother saw that Nanny’s arm was blue and dead cold. Few hours later, quick slice, drag out bloodclot, sew ‘er up and bang…back in business.

I could never do it.

Sunday morning I was visting the hospital practically counting the ways I couldn’t ever be a doctor or nurse. The sight of my 89 year old grandmother, unwell from the drugs she had been given, attempting to remove said drugs from her system was enough to have me turn on my heel and wait in the little tv room until I judged it was appropriate to come back.

It makes me sad to see her in the hospital. She looks so tiny in that bed. I was rubbing her feet through the sheets and her legs seemed so small. I’m so used to seeing her so robust and Polish.

Anyway…I’m busy writing a paper on Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic).


one more September 24, 2005

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