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For shame, Western…for shame April 30, 2007

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On my run yesterday I loaded up my iPod with all the As It Happens daily podcasts I’d missed. I managed to catch a story on this article written in a ‘spoof’ issue for April Fool’s Day for the University of Western Ontario student newspaper.

The article was supposed to be spoofing a Take Back the Night rally. It was not funny. I’m trying to think of the best way to describe it, but you just gotta click on that link above and read it for yourself.

There’s been criticisms. Here and here and here and here.

You know, when you read/hear criticsms, I”m almost always interested in what the original offending item was. More times than not, you can sorta see that things aren’t as bad as they’ve been made out to be. Most times, probably, the offenders shouldn’t have done it…but you can sorta make out their thinking when they did. ‘Cept for Don Imus…that guy was just an a-hole.

I was listening to the podcast and they interviewed the editor of the student paper. When the editor…the one who is defending the article…the one who made the final decision to release the article…when that guy can’t make the offending item seem like ‘oh, well…it’s not as bad as it seems’ then you know the campus newspaper deserves all that they get. I couldn’t believe what he was describing: a prominent campus feminist’s vagina leaving her body, that same vagina gleeful over the impending rape from the police chief (the real guy was named in the article)…holy effing crap! And then I read the article! It’s worse, even!

Back to the editor. He said that it was a spoof. He said that no one intended to hurt anyone. He said that they had no way of knowing that there would be such an uproar made over this issue. Also..what wasn’t mentioned in his interview is that it seems (in one of the links up there) that the paper initially issued a ‘fuck you’ statement to all those who complained. Nice.

So…they had no idea that this would be a problem (other than for a few students who complain about everything, is essentially what he said). I”m wondering what is wrong with the campus newspaper at Western. How on earth did they think what they published would be acceptable? Is the newspaper office located under a huge, information-proof rock? Have they been writing about these new fangled inventions ‘fire’ and ‘wheel’ for the past few years??

I watched Jon Stewart a few nights ago. He was talking about..umm…Bush, probably. Anyway, he mentioned the Imus scandal. Imus (I stopped listening to it all shortly after it happened) apparently was on a 7 second delay in his radio show. When the, now famous, comment on the Rutger’s women’s basketball team was spoken…no one thought to hit the bleep button. People become so used to certain sentiments being expressed that no one thinks ‘hey..this is wrong’ when it slips outside of their circles.

Is this what happened here? Are the staff at Western’s campus paper so used to these thoughts and words that they feel everyone else will be okeedokee when they write a fictional piece about a real and active student being raped by a real cop?


For the record: April 29, 2007

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Abortion and breast cancer NOT linked.

Ha! I knew it was bullshit!

Thanks Pandagon.



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When I was back in uni the first time, I became friends with this girl and we used to travel a bit after our degrees. That is a long story. She moved away, but I was also friends with her little brother. When I met him, he was about 17 years old, but as he grew up, we became pals.

She and I had a falling out. That’s another long story. He decided to follow suit and our friendship sorta tapered off…then he moved away.

Anyway…I think he’s seeing the girl next door because I’ve heard his voice over there the past 7 or 8 mornings. Her bedroom wall is my livingroom wall and, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, our walls are paper thin. I’m thankful I’ve heard nothing but ‘pillow talk’…but, well…I mean…I’m not a prude, but the sound of a kid’s voice i’ve known since he was 17 (though he’s probably about 30 now) is creepy.


Plus, the guy has a very resonous voice, an as we know about resonous sounds…they travel.

Oh..and I know that her bedroom wall is our livingroom wall because the guy who lived there before used to have sex when I was working on papers late at night.


Women, Know Your Limits April 28, 2007

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Hilarious from Harry Enfield.

And another:

And another…these are brilliant:


Renewing an Infatuation (pt 2: The Misanthropic Bitch)

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Well…not an infatuation, but I just wanted to post a link to her because her blog was such good readin’.

Sometimes agreed with her, sometimes didn’t, always laughed my ass off.

The Misanthropic Bitch.


If I’m such a man hater, why do I think she sucks?

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Nelly Furtado gets it wrong. And her music blows.

Feminism is really really not about man-hating. Honest.

Why is it, in this day and age, people – including women – still think that feminism = man bashing? I mean, some Catholic priests may molest young children, but people can generally figure out that Catholicism isn’t about that. So…some women man bash. I’ve heard lots of men woman bash. Of course, that always seems slightly more acceptable socially, somehow.

Got this over at BITCH.


Oh! Ohhhhh! April 27, 2007

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I forgot to mention.

Another reason for that thumbs up pic…actually, the reason I did the thumbs up pic: I won a scholarship. Not a huge one, but a decent one and my crappy grades from my undergrad seem to have been somewhat diluted by my current awesome.

When I got the email, it told me I had until the 8th to accept or decline the scholarship. After I thought it over…ha! I called up the grad dept and asked them how I go about accepting. The woman was VERY kind and told me to “…log into peoplesoft [our student website for stuff like this]”. I was already there. Before she could tell me much more, I had found my way through the 2-3 easy links that would allow me to accept the dang thing. LIke, it was written out like “accept/decline dang thing” in front of me. The woman was SO very patient as I apologized for making her hold my hand through this tremendously easy process.

So…at least I know one person is wondering how the hell I did it.


Nuttin’ goin’ on but the rent

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We pay a ridiculously low rent for Calgary standards these days. Landlords are raising rent like crazy all around us, but our landlords seem to know that this place, well…it’s a shithole. The floors slope, the windows are drafty, the carpets are crap, the walls are paper thin, the floors are paper thin, the radiators above us occassionally leak through the ceiling, the radiators in the apartment bang and clang like rhythmless dwarves, it’s dusty, it’s loud (when the Flames win…so been fairly quiet lately..ha!)….etc etc etc. But…we pay about 300-400 less than anyone else I know with an apartment this size…and I’m a student. So.

I found this slipped under the door today:

We had more leaking into the restaurant [directly below our apartment]…..apparently it has been every day around 10am [when I usually take my shower since classes have ended]….tried to call and warn you but it was imperative we enter the apartment as I was worried about flooding [that’s fair].

….checked your toilet, sink, shower….none of them were the cause of the leaking….only thing we can think of….water is getting on your floor….please try to keep the floors dry after your showers in the morning…”

In other words: there’s holes in the floor so don’t get out of your shower when you’re wet (as I am not a splish splasher or a wish washer).

This is me this morning a couple of hours before my 10am shower. This is the face of a woman who intends to flood a restaurant.


More Mitchell and Webb: Nazi theme

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closet dog crazy

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I have to admit, I’m a bit dog crazy. At least with my own.

Yesterday, C left Curly with me when he went to work…we had a lovely ‘girl’s day’. I took her for a walk, scooped up her poo, and then we went for coffee. You know…stuff girls do when they go out.

Anyway…I am continually fascinated by the idea of cross species communication. I mean…wtf? It just bewilders me that she and I communicate without a shared language. I mean, other than ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and ‘nooooooo’ and ‘oh christ, but you just went out’.

I sat outside with my new book and read while she was quite happy to lay at my feet and rest her chin on my foot. She continually rested her chin on my foot. That kills me.


Sometimes, I think I look like my dog…

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‘specially first thing in the morning


I just renewed an infatuation (pt. one: Adam Horovitz)

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Might become a regular feature here at Himbly because I tend to renew infatuations daily:

Apparently a side project called BS 2000. Got it over at Pandagon.


Harvey Birdman April 26, 2007

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I’m not made of stone… April 25, 2007

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I shouldn’t laugh at other’s misfortune…but:

Girls Gone Wild’ founder sent to jail crying


okay…NOW I’m done. Stream-of-conciousness post April 24, 2007

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…’cept for a little bit of marking. ha. It never ends. And my last semester has overlapped with this one…but still. I’m not up until 1 or 2 am and then waking up at 7 or 8 am to start working again. Bliss.

I have been, like I’ve mentioned in my other post, sleeping a lot. Partly pms, partly residual tiredness, and partly I effing can. Again…bliss. Though I wake up feeling guilty. AND..I bought a book. A real book with a story in it and nothing to do with language other than the one it’s written in. Lullabies for Little Criminals…it’s very good. Very very good. Heather O’Neill is brilliant.

Okay..what else. Funny how during my crazy busy times, I was constantly writing on my blog and when that was done..well, I feel as though I have no thoughts right now. Like either it was all or nothing.

One thing I want to write about, though…and it’s kinda celebrity and kinda not important…and that’s the point, actually…Alec Baldwin’s phone message to his daughter. Firstly…I don’t think a parent should talk to his child like that. However, I just heard the whole message and, although it wasn’t nice and a kid shouldn’t have to hear her father say those things to her…well…wtf is it our business? And I sound like a hypocrite for saying something like that because I read celeb gossip all the time, but this is different. Let me ‘splain…

That kid had to deal with hearing a phone message like that from her dad. That would suck. But…there is no doubt that he loves her desparately. He would not have left that message had he not loved her. He was upset and he said things he shouldn’t and probably ought to seek some help with his outburts, but…well, could you imagine? If this was his response to her not answering her phone (guessing she has a cell), she probably has heard this before. And it probably hurts. But, that’s between her and her father and doesn’t mean that they have a bad relationship. It would be nice if we all had lovely parents who weren’t human and didn’t fly off the handle, but we don’t. Not all of us. Wait..a quick aside:

– This is one thing that I think is interesting about being born in the 70s. Just a shit theory, but bear with me. Today is ‘stream-of-conciousness’ day at himblyland. My parents, like many parents who had children in the 70s, were young…24 and 26. By the standards of that time, they weren’t even that young. It seems to me that in the 80s and 90s people started to have children older. It became the thing to do was to get settled, have a career, know what you want, find the right life partner and then have children in your late 20s, even early to mid 30s. I am of this type. By the time I have kids, I’ll be old. Anyway…the problem, I think, is that the parents had everything set up and then the ‘cult of the child’ was born. Parenting became planned and not just what happens after you screw up on the birth control. But…we kids of the 70s…our parents weren’t mature yet and we had to deal with them not really knowing what the eff was going on…we had to deal with them making mistakes and flying off the handle and effing up because they were trying to figure it out as they went along.

And that is what makes you realize that your parents are human and that, I think, is one of the biggest, freeing and devastating realizations of your childhood. When you figure out your parents aren’t perfect godlike creatures, then you can forgive them.


so…this Baldwin kid. Gets yelled at by her dad over the phone, probably felt sick to her stomach and then…everybody has an opinion. She flips on the TV and everyone’s screaming that her dad’s an a-hole, she googles her name and everyone’s saying her dad doesn’t love her. Leave it alone. Her dad loves her and she loves her dad. Just shut up and let those two deal with it.

Talk about Paris Hilton…she has no feelings. Anyway, I just woke up and it was on TV.