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Reviews from the booth June 29, 2006

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Been awhile since I’ve done this…

Been awhile since i’ve watched a movie at work…

Actually, it’s still been awhile since I’ve not watched more than 15 seconds of this movie at any time…

My impression after 6 screenings and a few peeps through the door?





Let me tell you why.

Firstly, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bollock.

Secondly, every freakin’ time I poke my head into that theatre, I am repelled by what I see and cannot last longer than the 15 seconds mentioned earlier. Let’s quickly examine this because I think it is relevant.

My theatre, by my city’s standards, is old. Real old (again, by Calgary standards). The insulation has ‘jumped the shark’ many decades ago rendering it cold in the winter and reminiscent of Hades on days like the past two (both of which I’ve worked). The breath of Beelzebub himself flows forth from that projector some days.

The only air conditioned/fanned place in the building is inside the theatre in an effort to prevent our customers melting, evaporating and causing sudden thunderstorms while the film is running.

This all being true (and I swear to you it is)…don’t you think I want to spend time inside the theatre instead of spreading my ‘sitting time’ evenly along the couch so that one side does not get sweat stained more than the other? G-damn I do! And Keanu is preventing me as much as if he was physically blocking the entrance.

Anyway…I see this:

Sandra Bullock crying beside her mailbox.

Keanu slowly walking through bushes.

Sandra and Keanu slowly dancing to Paul McCartney songs…


(and because of this movie, I’ve now got a serious bone to pick with Sir Paul as I wasn’t aware of the crappy depths his writing could take)

Thirdly, you know when you’re watching a tv show, or a movie…usually a comedy…and in it they are using a movie as whatever they need it for in the background? You know when you’re meant to overhear whatever movie is playing they make it sound very typical to what ever genre it is supposed to be? Well, let me tell you something, Jack. Everytime that theatre door opens, that’s what the movie sounds like. Strings and urgent conversation.

Not a big fan of the Lake House…

As a conversation with a couple went tonight as the late show was clearing out:

“Did you enjoy the film?”

“uh…no…not really”

“yeah…I haven’t been tempted in the least. It seems far too sentimental and sappy for my tastes.”

“why didn’t you tell us this before?”

“I wanted your money before”


You are the wind beneath my wings… June 16, 2006

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I’ve been thinking about this lately and just recently became inspired to write…

One thing I’ve noticed since the Danish cartoon thing was huge…it seems to me that some people, in their way, insist that free speech/expression now includes not only saying what one will…but saying ANYTHING one can…just to prove they can. For instance, lets say…well…racist jokes and comments. One is, to some minds, now required to tell these jokes in defense of free speech. Without them, apparently, “the terrorists have won”.

I say, in my defense of free speech, that one is allowed…even encouraged in some areas…to NOT say some things. Just because you can say something does not mean you have to march up to the mountaintop and scream it out for everyone to hear…and do so particularly if individuals or groups of individuals become offended because they have no business stomping all over your rights by being offended. It wrecks the fun.

Really…I am a strong proponent of free speech. So much so that I reserve the right to a/ not say things I don’t want to, b/ differentiate between that which ought to be said in private and that should be said in public, and c/ feel free to tell other people what I think of what they just said (which, frankly, seems to me to be the most forgotten part).

About the Danish cartoons…

I was against the Western Standard’s publication (publicity stunt) of them, but I did buy a copy of this month’s Harper’s magazine. The reason I was against one and for the other? Timing and context. The WS published these cartoons to rub noses in it and to make money. They capitialized on the timing by publishing this particular issue during the riots. And, a visit to the Shotgun Blog will show you that some of this magazine’s readers and blog-commenters have no love for Islam or it’s members and therefore little concern towards both sides of the issue. Harper’s, on the other hand, published them much later…in fact, it’s likely that most people had seen the cartoons by then. They invited that wonderful illustrator Art Spiegelman, the creator of Maus (which, if you haven’t already read, you really ought to), to comment on the merit of each cartoon as a cartoon and rate the offensiveness of each. It was a truly interesting article.

What can I say? One had taste, the other didn’t.


Don’t know how else to do this…

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I lost your email address…could you email me with it??



Without naming names June 10, 2006

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It’s odd…

It wasn’t until I started going to some blogs that I realized that people are still really upset by political correctness.

Now…I agree. It can go too far and everyone needs to chill out a bit. But we all realize why we use it, right? I mean, when we sort it all out at the end, it’ll be a good thing, right? We agree on that, right?

…and I understand that the only way we’re gonna sort it out (anything, really) is talking about it, airing our views and opinions, have a little back and forth, a little conflict…that sorta stuff…so shine on all you crazy diamonds.

However…has it ever occured to some of you that you’re just not funny?

Really…if someone got offended because you used the n-word, or called a woman a slut, or made that joke about First Nations peoples, or continue to use the oh-so-tired phrase “Islamofascist”….maybe it’s the delivery. Maybe you’re not that funny. Maybe you’re not catching on that those things are way behind the times and you are no longer cutting edge.

Assuming you were ‘cutting edge’ sometime in 1956.

And chances are you’re not that funny if you’re not able to sense comedic timing by using outdated material. And, for added measure (unless you’re Stuart McLean or someone of his ilk, who is hilarious even if you spot the punchline 10 miles away) surprise is often a key element to comedy. If you look like you’re going to make that same gay joke that everyone who looks like you makes, well…*yawn* and, ‘maybe you shouldn’t say that.’

Hell, I get offended when someone makes the joking reply, ‘let’s not go there’ or some other catchphrase from a lame sitcom or reality show, because…Jesus…do you think I’m so inbred as to think you’re clever retort is original? Or I have so little going on that I need to laugh at a joke I guessed you would make 10 minutes ago?

So…to conclude…if you’re all fired up because no one laughed at your edgy and in-your-face comedy…maybe it’s not political correctness you have to blame, maybe it’s you.


one of my all time favourites June 9, 2006

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I was helping, the other day, to evangelize Seanbaby to a group of people…so, to further my cause I beg that you read When Robots Attack.

Dear Seanbaby,

I hope you live forever.

Love, Himbly



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Hope you don’t mind the link Ian. I should have asked first, but I didn’t want to ask then forget to post.

I just read this post and quite enjoyed it.


Seriously June 5, 2006

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I just wrote a huge long post on linguistics, universals and why I don’t think all Muslims are evil….but I’ve got to do some editing.

I encourage people to read this The Western Standard Shotgun Blog. In all honesty, it is blood chilling to say the least when some of these people write about Islam and the current fiasco that is our world situation. I honestly encourage you to take a look. I post occassionally, but they are so far away from my mode of thought it is hard to know how to reply, or what point to reply to.

But, it’s always good to learn different viewpoints. If you can’t concede to a certain sentiment, at least you know why.


Well, it’s about time…

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I’d been meaning to link The Hot Librarian.

She’s funny.

Go read.

I’ll put her over here ————->


more for me than you June 2, 2006

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I (heart) Mighty Mouse

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another? why certainly…

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