What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

don’t know what I’ll do April 25, 2006

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I’ve got one more question of my semantics takehome exam to write out ‘in good’ and then I’m finished for the year.

*long exhalation*

wait…have I mentioned how genius I think these guys are:

anyway…aside from my recent fascination with youtube.com

So, I spent today writing out my semantics takehome exam ‘in good’, like I said, and left for school early in order to meet my cousin, continue to write out my semantics and meet with my prof to discuss my group project and it’s sucky-ness, and hopefully hand in this thing so I don’t have to go back up there.

Yeah…that didn’t work quite how I wanted it to.

I forgot my homework at work…and my prof had little sympathy about the group project. No, she had sympathy just not the kind that translates itself into better marks.


So, I took all this as a sign that I must be meant to drink cider and hang out at home with the bf.

I wanted to do everything tonight…I knit a little, played a little WoW, and even managed to make a double batch of applespice loaf and that is why I’m up at 12:14 typing in my blog…aside from the fact that blogging was another thing I wanted to do, I’m waiting for my appleloaf to finish baking.

I’m exhausted from my relaxing night.