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World’s loveliest protest… February 2, 2008

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Nude models in Italy staged a clothed protest.

Antonella Migliorini, 42, told Italy’s La Stampa newspaper: “Our work is not recognised. We pose for eight hours a day and still the colleges treat us like teaching tools.

Definitely an underrated population. Could you imagine having to pose for hours on end? In the nude? In a cold studio? Stared at? We forget that today’s artistic models come from an esteemed tradition that has given us invaluable works of art.

She added that being a life model was a “tough, cold job” and that most models who were lucky enough to have a full-time job only made around €900 a month.

Yesterday, models who gathered at a ceremony inaugurating the academic year at La Sapienza, Rome’s leading university, kept their clothes on in protest.

About 30 protesters struck poses imitating famous art works, including Degas’s ballerinas and Rodin’s The Thinker, at the university entrance.

Wow. As far as protests go, can you imagine a prettier one? And, it just might work:

Nando Dalla Chiesa, an education ministry official, said he had agreed to meet the models and listen to their concerns.


the alphabet with skin and clothespins January 9, 2008

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You gotta see this.

via Dooce


Zenn cars

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Canadian car company manufactures (and sells, but not here) an electric car.


my amazing body: part whatever November 15, 2007

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I can’t find my previous posts on this topic and, frankly, it’s probably something you don’t want to read about so go run and get yourself some ice cream.

So…last year (once I find ’em, I’ll link ’em) I had about 4 really weird allergy attacks. They started off with what I will only describe as “two exits, no waiting” and progressed (while *ahem* preoccupied with other matters in the lavatory) into swollen, itchy eyes, slight restriction in breathing, but nothing alarming, and sneezing like I worked at a pepper factory. Oh…and hives…hives all over my body.

I get warm thinking of those days gone by.

Anyway…so this led me to stop eating at the student center on campus. 4 attacks, 4 different establishments = danger zone.

I’ve been ‘attack free’ since. Until last night.

I woke up feeling sick and, about an hour after waking up, noticed I was breaking out in hives and I started sneezing. A far far far more mild reaction than those in the past, but still…and this time I had eaten only food that I made all day.

Wait..I’m getting ahead of myself. All these attacks, unlike usual allergy attacks that have been instant, are delayed a few hours. It seems to me that it has to hit a certain part of my digestive system before it gains the power and the will to eff me up. I attribute all of these previous attacks to some sort of brush with nuts or nut oil (even though the vendors said ‘no’, there was ‘yes’ in their eyes).

Last night I felt like having a dinner of dip. Whatever, I’m single and an adult and if I want a dinner of dip, I’ll effing have a dinner of dip.

I made baba ghanoush (HA…I just about typed baby ghanoush) and feta/roast pepper dip. Mmmmm…munch munch munch.

there is/was absolutely nothing in either of those dips that I’ve not eaten a kagillion times before, so when I got the usual hives/sneezies while dealing with other pressing matters, I was surprised. Wtf?

It dawned on me today that when I bought the eggplant, they were located directly under a pile of chestnuts. Can it be?? Could I have taken a chestnut-fondled-then-transfered-by-christ-knows-how-many-hands eggplant home, cooked it and eaten enough baba ghanoush to make myself react?? Is it possible??

I’m completely stumped.


trying to spread the word November 14, 2007

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Via Pharyngula and from The Intersection:

We have a Category 4 cyclone barreling down on what is possibly the most vulnerable place in the world for such a storm. So I just visited CNN.com. No mention of it whatsoever on the front page. Stunning–but at the same time, not unexpected, no?

Because Bangladesh is one of the low-laying regions most at risk from sea level rise, as a marine biologist I’m all too familiar with how vulnerable it is to flooding and storm surges. It’s also one of the most densely populated countries and – as Chris has expressed – I fear this storm may be a worst case scenario. It’s my sincere hope that we’re mistaken.

I’ve found very little about it myself, so I’m trying to help out through my tiny corner of the blogosphere. Please check these articles I’ve linked.


Himbly via Flickr November 12, 2007

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Flickr speller


snippet of a conversation November 4, 2007

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…at a potluck party with academics

(note: the people I am quoting here…well, I actually like them. Just this is not the first time I’ve been through this particular conversation.)

me: oh…those look good (refering to chocolate brownies). Er…do they have nuts in them?

academic 1: no

me: (suspicious) what’s in them?

academic 1: peanut butter

me: uh…you mean crushed nuts?

academic 1: they’re not nuts, they’re legumes.

me: okay, so what I am actually asking is ‘will I be allergic to them?’

academic 1: I have no idea what you’re allergic to.

This is just one example of an irritating conversation when one has a nut allergy. I know that peanuts are legumes. I also know plenty of people who, being allergic to nuts/peanuts, don’t give a shit that they’re called legumes…they avoid them just the same. It is not uncommon to be allergic to both. I think it’s clear when asking ‘does the ____ have nuts in it’ that I’m not asking for a trivia fact or to start a conversation on seeds/nuts/legumes. So, instead of showing off your knowledge of food classifications, just take the wider spectrum of what has been asked and answer the question. Use your pragmatic semantic knowledge.

part 2:

me: yes, I know that peanuts are legumes, but I’m fairly sure I’m allergic to them as well as some nuts.

academic 2: but how do you know unless you’ve tried them? You don’t actually know.

Does academic 2 know what it’s like to suffer through an allergic reaction? I’m guessing no, because it really really sucks. And I’m not the type of person-with-a-nut-allergy that actually dies. Or goes to the hospital. And it still really really really sucks. So, no…I guess I’ve not sat down in front of a range of nuts (including the legume peanut) and recorded my reaction once I’ve eaten one at a time. It is just easier for me to avoid all nuts. I’ve never eaten them (on purpose)…and I probably will never eat them (on purpose). Leave me alone..it’s my choice. Just tell me, when I ask you, if there’s nuts or peanuts in an item of food that I’m hovering over my face.

Oh, and for the record, I am almost certain I’ve had a reaction to peanut oil.