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trying to spread the word November 14, 2007

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Via Pharyngula and from The Intersection:

We have a Category 4 cyclone barreling down on what is possibly the most vulnerable place in the world for such a storm. So I just visited CNN.com. No mention of it whatsoever on the front page. Stunning–but at the same time, not unexpected, no?

Because Bangladesh is one of the low-laying regions most at risk from sea level rise, as a marine biologist I’m all too familiar with how vulnerable it is to flooding and storm surges. It’s also one of the most densely populated countries and – as Chris has expressed – I fear this storm may be a worst case scenario. It’s my sincere hope that we’re mistaken.

I’ve found very little about it myself, so I’m trying to help out through my tiny corner of the blogosphere. Please check these articles I’ve linked.


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