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revisit November 4, 2007

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at the end of this post: The Vajayjay Monologues I commented on something that Michael Smerconish wrote in his article.

I want to comment more on that. I think it’s a problem:

Years ago (when I was much younger than I am today), I had lunch in a men’s club (of course), where I made the acquaintance of an older, distinguished gent. We were randomly seated next to one another. I’d bet two generations separated me from my dining companion.

As the hour progressed and we warmed to one another, I asked him what he did for a living. With a sagelike glint in his eye, he said to me: “Son, I spend my daytime doing what you’ll spend your lifetime trying to accomplish.”

You probably figured out that he was an OB/GYN. Some things don’t get lost in translation.

My reading of the Smerconish article suggested that this event was considered a friendly and civilized joke between two healthy men sat down in a men’s club smoking cigars.

I find it disturbing.

What I don’t find particularly disturbing is that some older male OB/GYN made that comment. It was clearly a joke, and whether he sexualizes his work is really nothing you can actually read into it. The joke was made between two people discussing stuff and, in that context, I don’t think you can actually take anything seriously.

No. What I find disturbing is Smerconish deciding that it was a perfectly charming thing to write in his article defending the use vajayjay as a euphamism for vagina. That I, as a reader and a woman who knows nothing of Smerconish, this particular OB/GYN nor the men’s club they were at, would be comforted by the love of this doctor for his work. He loves vaginas. See? Men love vaginas. Mean ol’ feminists.

And I wonder, after reading the whole article, if Smerconish actually knows any women.

I’m glad that there are men who love vaginas. I’m glad to be acquainted with some of those men. Ummm…I wouldn’t want my OB/GYN to love vaginas in the same way when in his office. This isn’t why I have a female OB/GYN (in fact, a female GP). I’ve not been afraid of anyone sexualizing a Pap smear, so I’d rather not think that someone out there is.

I think that Smerconish and Christopher Hitchens (after reading his article on women and humour) maybe ought to go out and actually talk to the women they may or may not know. There seems to be an entire breed of men who have no clue.


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