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Top Vid Rally November 1, 2007

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The other day I posted a list of what I’ve nominated as some of the best videos of all time. I’ve since realized that some weren’t as great vids as they were songs, and perhaps even just people I admire/have crushes on.

So, lilithattack responded in my comments and then on her blog, correctly reminding me of the genius of Chris Cunningham’s video for the Aphex Twins’ Windowlicker.

Bumf also nominated some substantial contenders in this best vid campaign. Some of his picks included: Beck ‘Girl’, anything by Radiohead, and Paul Simon ‘You Can Call Me Al’.

I suggest, then, we have a little rally. I mean, so difficult to really pick the top ten vids of all time, so it might be fun to post more suggestions.

For instance, in light of lilithattack’s choice, I would like to go ahead and nominate another Chris Cunningham’s vids, having been introduced to it by her and gerbils at their house a couple of months ago:

Bjork ‘All Is Full of Love’


One Response to “Top Vid Rally”

  1. Rjak Says:

    Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry are my favorite video directors of all time.

    My favorite music video has gotta be Gondry’s wonderfully masturbatory work on the Chemical Brothers’ “Let Forever Be”.

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