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News from down the pipe October 26, 2007

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Just found this out:

The DNA pioneer James Watson retired yesterday from his post as chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York state. The move is the coda to the race row that engulfed his visit to London last week following comments he made suggesting that black people were less intelligent than whites.

It was probably about time.

Also…I have yet to find a link to it (that isn’t written by some redneck who thinks that Ezra Levant’s article on the woman school bus driver who was involved in a fatal collision last week was some sort of strike for free speech) but I believe that Ezra Levant has been excused from further Sun writing.

Hey, pal…buck up. We don’t all get to write for newspapers and sometimes we just have to rely on our blogs. I’ve been to the Western Standard blog a fair amount of times to ‘discuss’ issues and if you you’re comfortable with the level of hatred and nonsense venomously spewed out in the lengthy comment sections, then maybe that’s the best place for you.

I’m curious about the editor who allowed that article to be published. And no…this has nothing to do with ‘hard issues’ and ‘free speech’…this has to do with Ezra running his mouth on stupid shit and someone giving him some paper to do it on. If he’s allowed to do that, I should have a space in the Sun to talk about how freaking tired I get sometimes (much like the lamer posts I write here) because they offer about the same amount of journalistic information. Zero.

Anyway…blah blah blah. I’m upset because I actually read some of the Western Standard’s blog today and I was pleased to see a few commenters standing up to Ezra and his ilk, but it’s pretty disgusting. Ugh. Here. Take a look. Warning, though, it is not for the faint of heart.

Anyway…Dr. James Watson looks like Mr. Dressup by comparison to Ezra Levant, but I think both of these men needed a little “time out”.

thanks lilithattack


3 Responses to “News from down the pipe”

  1. Come visit lilithattack, I’ve posted the article for those who missed it after its removal.
    Mmmm… libaries…

  2. Addition: Look up E.L. on the Sun’s columnist page, he’s only listed in the extended list through canoe and he’s now only got one article posted. HAAA HAAA you son of a bitch!

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