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ohhh…my goodness but this hurts October 23, 2007

Filed under: misc,religion — himbly @ 9:58 am

clearly, I’m not in the 80s anymore. I have to confess, I couldn’t even watch the whole thing yet. It was too painful. I thought Ben Stein was a different man.

I just got to the part where B O’R asks why you can’t just mention in biology or science class that they’re are ‘theologians who believe that a higher power were responsible for the first life?’…

The reason, BO’R, is that it is no longer the realm of science or biology to say so. If someone wants their kids to believe, so badly, that this ‘god’ thing brought life to our planet, then what is wrong with sending them to a religious school? I went to catholic school…I took part in ‘religious studies’ classes and there I learned what Catholics believe in. I have since left that practice…but I’ve never understood what is so difficult about this.

via Pharyngula


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