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Ann Spears October 13, 2007

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How is Ann Coulter not a political Britney Spears?

She’s got her fans, she’s definitely got her detractors, she creates big stirs. They love her, they hate her and everyone watches her. But in the end, is she actually saying anything of worth? She says things to shock, she says things to get people riled up and she starts debates, but is there anything in what she says that’s worth a dime?

Not really, in this blogger’s opinon. Let’s watch:

When someone talks like this…the way she’s done here…there’s no actual content that you can use. You might as well just treat it as wind blowing past you. However, like Britney Spears, I wrack my brains trying to figure out her appeal.

Yet! And yet! I see this. Henry Rollins’ response:

Dude. I thought you were on our side. I mean, yeah…we all want Ann Coulter to shut the fuck up, but what’s with the tired BDSM imagery? Is that the best you’ve got? To suggest that Ann Coulter become your bitch? Wtf, Henry Rollins?

Am I the only one who thinks the whole domination/submission thing is played out? I mean, if it’s your thing…great…but I wish everyone would stop selling it as though it’s the hottest new thing on the block. It’s as old as the hills and as sexy as your neighbours on ‘role playing’ night.

I am not suggesting HR is sexist…he’s not (from what I know of the guy, and frankly, it’s not much…not even from my “punk years” (I secretly listened to Bob Dylan the whole time)). Just, I mean, come on. She’ll be your servant/sex slave and ‘shut the fuck up’? Even women we don’t like deserve a bit more creativity than that, no?

‘kay…so this is better:

Not a massive fan of Adam Corolla, but it got the point across. Nicely done.


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