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Superbad and one of those things September 11, 2007

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I just got home from seeing Superbad. Unless someone presents me with a teen flick filmed post-1989, I will deem it the best teen movie since the 80s. Admittedly, this may be in no small part due to my firm belief that Michael Cera embodies the same genius at 19 (or so) years old that Eddy Murphy did…just in a completely opposite way. So, not the same genius. A different kind of genius. What I”m saying is that he’s just as smart and funny.

this is to remind you of the old Eddy Murphy. Not the baby-denying, fat-suit wearing, jumper of the shark we’ve got now. Remember, he was about 19 when he did these SNL sketches.

this is to show you that the kid is funny…and only he’s 19, too. Also check out the internet series he and his friend did: Clark and Michael.

Anyway, I was driving home in the dark and pulled into a gas station to fill up Pepe, the German me-transporter. Now, I’m a girl…old to call myself a girl, maybe, but female nonetheless. Like most women, I have learned to trust my instincts and especially in the dark. A car pulled up about 20-30 meters behind me and, not liking that I can’t see someone in the dark, I turned around to look. Okay, I sound like I”m building suspense, but I’m not, so I’ll tell you now that nothing happened. Like, at all.

I looked at the car…just guaging my surroundings and this guy, probably in his 50s, was looking back at me. It kind of struck me as odd, so I kept my eye on him…in that way that told him that I was keeping my eye on him. He got out of his car watching me. I watched him, too. Not staring, but obviously aware of his position in relation to me.

Then I got a good look at him. He was just a regular guy. I felt bad a little…here was this guy who stopped in for a pop and chips knowing that this girl was not trusting him. He probably was a bit hurt that I chose him to find so untrustworthy that I couldn’t leave his walk from the car to the store unnoticed. I mean, that didn’t stop me from doing it, I’m not going to get surprised just because I feel bad for a guy…but just the same. It’s too bad things have to be that way.