What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

new development in creaky voice August 23, 2007

Filed under: dorky — himbly @ 3:19 pm

My June post on creaky voice seemed to be somewhat of a hit. Y’all ought to be ashamed of yourselves because the only reason I drew you in was because I seemed as though I was going to talk about Paris Hilton. ha!

Blackmana (blog now gone) mentioned recently that he had heard a young man do creaky voice. This was news to me but I have to report, I’ve heard it now. Interestingly enough, the first male where I noticed it was our brand new phonetics prof. Ironic because it was the old one who pointed it out to us/me. Also, I noticed it in the voice of Ira Glass and some other announcer on my current favourite podcast “This American Life“.

(holy crap..that was the first time I’ve ever seen his picture and now my sort of crush is full blown…dang.)

I love Ira Glass (even more so within the past 5 minutes) and I love This American Life. The creaky voice phenomenon has now been reduced only to a faint irritation in my books. Is that shallow of me??


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