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Hah. Neat. August 16, 2007

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It looks like these two Irish archaeologists found a way to brew ale like the ancients.

Bronze Age Irishmen were as fond of their beer as their 21st century counterparts, it has been claimed.

My first thought, as I am far more of a Strongbow girl than a beer drinker, was ‘ugh…gross’. But, apparently for beer drinkers, it tasted good:

“It tasted really good,” said Mr Quinn, of Moore Archaeological and Environmental Services (Moore Group). … “It tasted like a traditional ale, but was sweeter because there were no hops in it.”

Well, bully for you, but I still say gross.

Fulacht fiadh – horseshoe shaped grass covered mounds – are conventionally thought of as ancient cooking spots. … Mr Quinn said it was while nursing a hangover one morning – and discussing the natural predisposition of all men to seek means to alter their minds – that he came to the startling conclusion that fulachts could have been the country’s earliest breweries.

Uh, beg pardon? If it weren’t the predisposition of women to also seek means to alter their minds, 50% of us wouldn’t have been born. hehe..but anyway, I wish my hangovers would produce such good ideas. However, perhaps hangovers aren’t exactly conducive to insights on infant speech. Aside from the fact you couldn’t pay me to drink beer made in an ancient grass covered mound…good on you, fellas.


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