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get out! the calls are coming from inside the house! (revisited) August 16, 2007

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Saturday, gerbils, lilithattack (aka platypus) and I are going on a field trip to the Creationist museum in our province. Hurrah!! I am totally going to pack some jesus sandwiches (I stuck them in the fridge 3 days ago but they’ve seemed to have gone missing!!!).

Okay..yeah…I woke up 20 minutes ago. You’re not getting better jokes out of me right now.

There are often times in my life where I fix my mind against something…where I draw that line in the sand…only to have the universe eff with me and stuff it in my face in another form. Example:

Yesterday, after lilithattack and I decided that Saturday was indeed creationist museum day (then onto the gopher holes) I went about my business then scuttled off to school.

Later on in the day, I was in spanish class where my instructor, a man who I consider very clever, funny and smart, told us that he didn’t believe in evolution. He was christian and believed the world was created but if, in our compositions on the final, we were to mention evolution (I’m not sure how it will come up…it came up in the example he gave us) he would definitely respect our opinion. Wtf??

Now…this instance hasn’t changed my mind about the debate itself. My position on the topic remains steadfast against creationism or “intelligent design” and I still think those who believe in creationism are confused and stubborn. However…those people that I pictured creationists were…it’s no longer true. I am forced, out of genuine affection and admiration for some individuals, to respect their views. I am puzzled, though. What on earth would make them abandon their senses on this particular subject?


2 Responses to “get out! the calls are coming from inside the house! (revisited)”

  1. MDFMNST Says:

    First of all, I must reveal to you the latest message from Jebus Vegetarian Style!

    I wonder why your professor would even bring up Evilution and the final. The assertion that one’s “opinion” would be respected is both suspicious and insulting to science. Opinion? It’s not a matter of opinion or belief. Academically, one’s so called “opinion” on evolution in spanish class is so absurd to me!! I understand the conflict of admiring intelligence and yet the disappointment of a person’s “belief” in nonsense can be overwhelming. Is it really a matter of respecting such views or sometimes I wonder if, I, faced with similar dilemas as far as other people’s belief of woo woo goes, offer an acceptance of their silly ideas, not so much respect for them (the ideas). And the prayers goin’ up to the man in the moon that they will someday comprehend the evidence that supports scientific proof and have their reason corrected to be an even more intelligent human gives me hope.

    Love the stupid, hate the stupidity.

    p.s. as they say.
    I read that the gophers were all chosen and killed for the museum to make the town money. They are not recovered roadkill, but little dusty sacrifices for the sake of capitalistic tourism. But they’re still so cute… They died for us!!!!!!!!!

  2. himbly Says:

    I shall eat naught but of their bodies and drink naught but of their blood and rejoice in their gentle blessings.

    Oh…in defense of the instructor (a man, but not yet a professor) we were reading a passage that mentioned evolution…and that passage was a random one out of the book so that we would get practice with comprehension. He tended to veer off on topics and then sorta translate what he was saying in order to have us exposed maximally to different elements of Spanish.

    Yeah…I was thinking about it today and I think, also, it’s acceptance with a view to harmony. I really can’t ‘respect’ their opinions on creationism, but because I respect the individual…well…I keep my mouth shut.

    I found out today that the first person I mentioned may not be a creationist. Just religious. Either way, I’m not gonna probe.

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