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Himbly’s Friday/Saturday Youtube Romp August 4, 2007

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Okay…as much as I’m currently adoring Rufus Wainwright, I am going to give everyone else a break and try not to feature him in this week’s romp. I am starting this romp as a result of a conversation I had with a labmate of mine. It all starts with this:

Hurrah Torpedo doing Total Eclipse of the Heart. Now….I showed this to my labmate thinking it was brilliant. She agreed that it was pretty funny…but it had nothing on the original video.

How so? Well…if you look at the original, there’s everything you might want out of a music video: glowing eyes, flying ninjas, flying everything, all boys school, scary twist ending….enjoy…

Now…as long as we’re talking about flying ninjas and glowing eyes in boys’ schools (where Bonnie Tyler apparently teaches when she’s not running through the creepy hallways), lets talk about something equally as plausible….creationism:

Apparently, humans hung out with the dinosaurs. Apparently, because humans existed at the same time as dinosaurs, they actually hung out with them peacefully (as you can see the little girl doing in that part of the vid). Apparently, because humans and bears exist at the same time, we do the same thing….?

yeah..I know. Side argument and why bother? The whole thing is bananas wrapped in baloney and dipped in nuts.

Another side note, though? Was anyone else a bit surprised at how much those moving dinosaur displays must’ve cost? There’s some real money backing that museum in Kentucky. We do, however, have one right here in Alberta and I’m planning to go with platypus and gerbils. We will then go to the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington to regain our scientific reason.

Creationist bloggity post to come…guaranteed. Prolly pre and post museum visit because I’ve already got some things to say.

in the meanwhile, here’s someone else’s perspective on the Creationist museum:

…and here’s Ricky Gervais’:


2 Responses to “Himbly’s Friday/Saturday Youtube Romp”

  1. mdfmst Says:

    “to regain our scientific reason.”
    That’s hilarious… I love it!

  2. himbly Says:


    the way I figure it…dead dressed up gophers are a whole lot more scientifically accurate than creationism.

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