What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

the order of things August 1, 2007

Filed under: misc — himbly @ 10:06 pm

1) I ride my bike to school.

On said ride, I think of all sorts of things to bloggity about.

2) I get to school and start doing schooly things.

3) I ride home from school.

On the return ride, I say to myself, ‘now…where was I? What were those good bloggity ideas?’…I then realize I have no clue what they were, but no matter because my iPod is on, I’m listening to podcasts and sure enough I will come up with some more.

4) I get home and do my normal ‘get home stuff’…including turn on my computer…

Once my computer is on…dang. Gone again.

I’ve got to start writing shit down.


One Response to “the order of things”

  1. Reg Says:

    I thought you Calgary folk rode horses to school?

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