What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

Himbly’s friday night youtube romp July 27, 2007

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Hey y’all…

there will be a friday night youtube romp…but on saturday. I’ve not slept at all well this week for varying reasons; none of which are serious…mostly trivial and stupid…but all leading to friday night being a christ-I-can-only-watch-DVDs night. This coupled with the pain of crushing on a brilliant, handsome and gay man has put me out for the night. He’ll never know the gentle touch of Himbly, but you can watch him here and imagine he loves me back:


I was gonna start the romp with these anyway. More tomorrow!


UPDATE: Just fascinated with the April Fool’s video, I found some interesting information here:

The clip finds Wainwright waking up one morning with some of opera’s greatest heroines: Cho-Cho-San (“Madame Butterfly”), Carmen (“Carmen”), Mimi (“La Boheme”), Tosca (“Tosca”) and Gilda (“Rigoletto”). The sextet gather round the piano for a moment of music before heading off to the local diner for breakfast. … Of course, Carmen is not the only diva to die in “April Fools,” despite Wainwright’s brave efforts to stave off the inevitable: Mimi succumbs to consumption, Tosca hurls herself off a bridge, Cho-Cho-San commits ritual suicide, and Gilda sacrifices herself to a band of thugs.


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