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L.A.M.E. July 23, 2007

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Sometimes you try. Sometimes you try to explain that you…as a woman…as an intelligent woman who lives in a free society…as a woman who has as many goals, aspirations and plans as any man…you call yourself a feminist because there were women (feminists) before you who carved out your path. And they were mavericks who did not have an easy go of it and deserve that respect. And still, whether everyone admits it or not, women are typically not as free as men are socially or economically. You try to explain that when you talk about feminism, you’re talking about your very life and the right to govern the choices you make and to be judged by your merits and weaknesses instead of superficial attributes (ie. tits). And you wonder why that is so hard to understand.

Then you see something like this.

Yeah. First, it annoyed me. Then I laughed…’cause…whatever.


13 Responses to “L.A.M.E.”

  1. baby221 Says:

    I want to know what book he’s talking about :p

    And I want to know why he feels free to generalise that, based on the three female-identified submissive feminists he’s met, that all feminists are a. female-identified and b. submissive. Ugh.

  2. vintagefan Says:

    I think he stayed with the women who liked to be tied up. I’m sure he had choices. Besides, I don’t believe you have to read feminist lit and claim to be feminist to be feminist.
    And yeah, which book is it?? The first thought that occurred to me was that it was The Second Sex.

  3. himbly Says:

    No idea. Apparently you’re not a real feminist without ‘the book’. Dang. I mean, clearly the man knows what he’s talking about.

  4. baby221 Says:

    Oh, The Second Sex is a good guess. At first I thought it might be The Feminine Mystique, but TSS makes a lot more sense!

  5. himbly Says:

    It’s all so effing dumb. How do you fight against something this dumb?

  6. Reg Says:

    To quote Steve Winwood: “You just roll with it baby”.

    Himbly – Did you ever give thought to the possibilty that Fenris is just screwing with your mind?

    “Mitchieville: the blog that laughter built”

  7. himbly Says:

    Reg. Oh, probably. I am, admittedly, a sucker for that sort of thing…I get hooked every time. However, did you see the comments over at dust? guys who are ~not~ screwing with my mind are agreeing with him.

    several points:

    – he is giving me blog fodder. Would you rather I write about my nailpolish peeling? ’cause that’s pissing me off, too.

    – why roll with it? Even if he’s “screwing with my mind” I don’t think he’s exactly ‘enlightened’ on the subject. Why ~not~ blog about it here?

    – M’ville was sometimes funny. Sometimes. Now I’m hard pressed to find any part of it “that laughter built”. And I’m not being a hard ass liberal here…it’s really just not funny. Seanbaby = politically incorrect and funny. Family guy = politically incorrect and funny. South Park = politically incorrect and funny. M’ville does not reach those standards…it’s just dumb. I like to call it the Andrew Dice Clay of the interwebs.

  8. Reg Says:

    My favourite Himbly post was about the Japanese descent school girl eating an ice creme cone outside of your old apartment. That was blogging gold.

    You may not find Mitchieville funny all of the time, or even some of the time, but we (esp. Fenris and The Mayor) try to do writing that is original, with a mix of colourful characters,and that skews left wing\liberal thinking. It isn’t easy, and we are bound to ruffle a few feathers as we continue on our long march toward global blogging supremacy. I personally love the fact that there are people like our ‘gay rubber fetishist’ fan who thinks we are witty. We certainly try to be witty, and what we write is better than the neo-con bile that is intentionally written to hurt people’s feelings. Save up your zloty and come to blogfest next year, you would love our live show. – Reg

  9. The Mayor Says:

    You know, you’ve been bashing Mitchieville for a long time now, Himbly. You say that Mitchieville is sexist, not funny, boring, yet, you have linked us more than any other site….true?

    And, you may not find it funny, but considering the hits are through the roof, someone, other than you, gets the humour.

    I’ve never said anything mean or otherwise to you for all the time you have bashed me and my site. I’ve been a gentleman to you even though you say pretty shitty things about my site and my humour.

    Here’s what I suggest you do: Don’t ever come back.


  10. himbly Says:

    you’re right, mayor. I have been bashing your site and I really haven’t meant for it to turn out this way. Honestly, I don’t mean for yours to be the one site I feature on my blog. But I don’t understand why you have to be so base in your humour. You’re a talented writer and so is Fenris…so why go for the lowest common denominator every time?

    I’m not so sure I’ve said very shitty things about your site other than it’s not funny currently. I also don’t know that it’s been “a long time”. I’ve called it dumb, that’s true…and right now I stand behind that. I don’t think YOU’RE dumb…I think that what your current writing is dumb…and thoughtless. God…even Andrew Dice Clay had a following…you saying that he was actually funny?

    I thought when I was commenting over that there I could at least shed some light on ‘the other side’ but was met with posts that were more offensive to me than the last. During a ‘discussion’ where I thought I was fairly level headed, I was called some pretty shitty things from your ‘gentlemen’ friends. You gave kudos to Mark when he ended the conversation with a comment about seeing me naked. You go on about gentlemanly behaviour, but wtf, then? No one over there wants to get to the bottom of anything, they just want to blast feminists, make lists of the top 10 most repulsive women, and sneer about ‘New Canadians’. Oh..yes…sorry. All those are jokes are meant to ‘mess with my/our/liberal’s heads’…you don’t ~actually~ think that.

    So, no…no deal that I won’t come back. I probably will. You have the power to bar me if you want, and that’s fine. What I won’t do anymore is link you…though it’s not like you’ve gotten a bunch of liberal blasting over there…unless I’ve missed it. Linking you has only really brought you very minor traffic, as far as I’ve seen. Nonetheless, I won’t link you and if you bring up something that I don’t like and I want to talk about it here, I won’t point directly to you. It will be a general comment on that way of thinking…you won’t be mentioned by name or by things like, “this website I used to comment on” or “a website that starts with M and ends with -ville”.

    I will also not comment at your blog. That is hard for me sometimes, actually, but I won’t.

    Personally, though, I think you could benefit from the balance.

    Oh…also, I will admit that I did take the last Fenris vs. Teh Feminists post personally. I thought it was aimed at my post about avg men who judge women against unrealistic standards…though I have no reason to think that. I thought that if I briefly explained why feminism was important to me while pointing out that particular post, I dunno, that maybe someone somewhere who laughed at the thought that feminists were slavering dick hungry slaves would see why that was hurtful to a woman, like me, who calls herself a feminist out of respect for the hard working women who came before her and works her own ass off to try to get a career started with crazy high standards. See? I’m trying again but it won’t make any difference. Write what you want and I won’t comment on it anymore.

  11. himbly Says:

    One more thing, mayor. You have been and still are welcome to come here at any time to comment on my posts. If you think I’ve been unfair, you’re welcome to point out how.

    Of course, no further posts will be directly related to you, but you’re welcome to comment on them anyway.

  12. platypusattack Says:


    Keep the strength. You rock and you are supported and loved.

    P.S. to everyone: Inga Muscio’s CUNT is a great read and I hope that’s the “Book” he’s referring to. The Book. WTF?!

  13. himbly Says:

    thanks platypus attack. xoxoxox

    You know, after a good night’s sleep, I may agree not to comment on or post about ‘them’ directly anymore but I really don’t apologize for what I’ve said so far. If I’ve said some ‘very shitty things’ it was only in response to some ‘very shitty things’ being said.

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