What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

like clockwork July 13, 2007

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Well…right on time. First time in months I’ve felt relaxed and ready to face what I need to face (school-wise, life-wise) and BLAMO…I’m sick. So…instead of going out to meet a very old friend who has dropped into town for the second time in a month, but the first time in 8 years, I’m here…with you, dear reader, bloggin’ and eating healthy food.

Can’t wait to work my way to the borscht that’s left over in the fridge!!!

Unfortunately, I’m still suffering through ‘bloggers block’…and affliction where I either have nothing to say, or I don’t feel like writing about the stuff I want to say. Bah. It’ll pass.

I know…I’ve got a story that I just remembered while making myself a salad. Firstly, whenever I start to get sick, if I can, i like to eat a ton. Well….I like to eat a ton always, but I once heard ‘feed a cold’ and it was good enough for me. But, mostly what I’ll eat is salads…salads for the greens and I slice up a clove of garlic into them….and here’s why:

My father always had his ‘home remedies’. Not your conventional home remedy like ‘drink coffee for an asthma attack’ but…umm..how do I explain this? If, for instance, vinegar is good for your stomach…you need to drink a glass of it if you’re ill. That may be a real thing, but it was just something that was Dad’s thing to me and I obeyed because, well, sometimes he was right.

He is, in fact, a master when it comes to duct tape bandages.

Also, garlic is good for you.

When I was a young’un and caught sniffling around him, my father started his special brand of witch doctor-y. I was sent to the tub…”as hot as you can stand it”…to emerge, red like a lobster, with my warmest clothes (or his warmest clothes as he had thicker socks than I did) laid out for me to jump into as soon as I was able to move again (what with the blistering skin and all). Then, I was (hahaha…it’s funny for me to remember this) handed a small plate on which was a clove or two of raw garlic sliced into pieces. This and a particle mask…like the ones you use in construction. With these talismans in hand, I was banished to the nether-regions of the house (the basement was fully carpeted and had cable).

Step one: lay out a blanket on the couch so that it won’t get scrunched up around you.
Step two: pop a garlic slice or two in your mouth…don particle mask…chew slowly.
Step three: hope there’s something good on, ’cause you’re going to be there for a few hours.

When the garlic had been chewed and swallowed, much like you do with antibiotics, I was required to keep taking the slices of garlic until they were finished.

The story goes that the last time I was made to sit downstairs eating raw garlic, my father had overdone it a little and I started to turn several shades of grey and develop dark circles under my eyes. Once the garlic treatment was discontinued I apparently perked right up. I was never banished to the basement to chew garlic again.


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