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Awww…heck. I dunno.

…but don’t call me late for dinner… July 6, 2007

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Call me a mama’s girl…call me lazy…call me Carrie (see photo)…
…call me whatever you want, but the fact is that I’ve moved too many times to not take advantage of not having to leave here and set up house in 24 hours. Yes, it’s been a week since my stuff got moved into my new place and yes, i’m still here…but at least I have a ~really~ clean kitchen and bathroom set up and ready to move in to tomorrow. Whatever…it was worth it.

Funny how it just doesn’t seem like my own place unless I’ve scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen top to bottom. It’s like a new beginning. It’s like saying to the apartment, ‘Apartment, that was old dirt. Now let me introduce you to my own special brand of disorganization and filth.’ So, as of tomorrow, I will be doing just that. I’ll be showing that new apartment how we do it in Himbly-town.

I probably, however, will not have the interwebs until Monday. Dang.

I tested another baby today…only my third, so it’s still pretty exciting. Watching a 6 month old from a monitor in a control room is funny. It’s very funny and cute. I can’t think of a better way to spend one’s thesis research, frankly. This one today puked all over his mom…twice. I love my research.

I’ve currently hit a small…well, crisis is the wrong word and so is snag, but those will have to do for now. I’ve hit a small something…where I have now realized that I don’t know a_bloody_thing about my research or the research leading up to it or linguistics as a whole for that matter. I spent two weekends ago at a workshop and met so many incredible people who are so effing smart that it snapped me back into my place so fast it made my head spin.

After about a day of moaning and clutching my belly…certain that I’ve made a terrible mistake and that I ought to start practicing answering phones…it hit me what I needed to do. Work harder. Well….I work hard, but I need to work more efficiently and on the right things. And read…I need to read like crazy and think…think like crazy. I need to ~be~ the baby. I need to get into their little heads and scoop out what I need. I need to know what I’m doing, how I’m gonna do it and why i’m doing it. I am entering a new phase. A more focused phase. And I’ve got to come out with questions.


4 Responses to “…but don’t call me late for dinner…”

  1. Mac Says:

    Questions are easy… Answers? Not so much…

    Moving sucks but it is an opportunity to for renewal, refocusing, reinvigoration. It’s always been a chore to wrap my head around moving but once I do, look out!

    Hopefully, it’ll be the same for you!!

  2. himbly Says:

    Questions aren’t easy, either…that is, when you want to ask the right ones.

    Yeah, moving is going all right. I spent my first night there last night and couldn’t sleep due to new place, sleeping on my couch and having all my shit still littering the floor. It’ll come together, though.

    Hope you’re doing well, Mac!

  3. Mac Says:

    Very well, indeed. Good luck in your quest for questions and remember: you shouldn’t compare yourself to others because it’s not possible to do so in a meaningful way. For all you know, some of those people might have had exactly the same reaction as a result of meeting you!

  4. himbly Says:

    I think I’m actually starting to figure stuff out now. I need to talk to my advisor and see if I’m in the right realm of thinking.

    Oh, the difference is that those people were sorta mini-celebs to me…and I was some kid to them. It’s cool, though…they were all very nice.

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