What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

Hey…I’m inching myself back up June 30, 2007

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Even though I’ve got nothing to say, I’m back on the list of the howevermany growing blogs at #77. Nice.

So…I’ll babble on some more. I FINALLY finished a small project that I needed to do for my advisor’s bigger project. I’ll tell you sumptin’. Over the years in O&G there was several opportunities to learn Excel…a task which I a/ learned what I needed to in order to complete the job and b/ promptly (and possibly purposefully) forgot everything about it except how to actually double-click on the icon. Know what? I’m using it now and it’s really very useful. I’ve never understood how, if one is not an accountant, one could possibly give a crap about Excel.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

About the movie last night. To be very honest…my first reaction when she got pregnant was to think, ‘oh fuck…pro-life movie’. Only because I’m wary of these things…it was completely my own hangup. As I watching more I saw it for what I think it was supposed to be. It was a story of this particular couple and their particular troubles surrounding their particular pregnancy…and the troubles and lives of the people around them. And in that it was lovely and sweet. I definitely recommend it.

In other news, my shit is finally in my new place, though I’ve not got anything hooked up yet (interwebs, electric) and am frankly taking advantage of the first move of my life where there’s no rush to be out and in and packed and unpacked in 24 hours. Teh Octos went home to california and, also frankly, I think it may be a little hard on my mother for me to leave suddenly. In fact, it actually may be a bit hard on me…the last few weeks have been lovely. But, it’s definitely time to get back to my real life and take my head out of my ass.

For instance..I’ve not done my taxes yet.


anyway…it’s saturday night and I had a lovely day of good times yesterday and now I’ve come to the understanding that all the work i’ve been putting off is nipping at my heels and ass.

Well..the taller stuff is nipping at my ass.

Back to it.


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