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I never really liked Growing Pains. May 11, 2007

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I stumbled across this Nightline Faceoff God debate…featuring Kirk Cameron, some guy named Ray Comfort and two other people, Brian Sapient and Kelly (who have, apparently, withheld their actual names). These two are part of the Rational Response Squad…those who brought you the youtube denial of the holy spirit spectacular. Kirk (I’m sure most know who he is) and Ray started up The Way of the Master. Which, if I can trust the few short clips I’ve seen, is a real asspain to run into.

Okay..so, if you know me, it’s not hard to figure out who I was rooting for…except for when I realized who they were. Actually, I don’t dislike them, but I just am irritated by things like “hey..get on youtube and denounce your belief in god” and the awful intro to their debate highlights.

Yup…all athiests and agnostics drive in cars packed with their friends listening to death metal and sporting tongues out and devil horns. Wooooo! Bah. It’s only a small peeve because it kinda feeds into my memories of Catholic school where kids said they were athiest to sound tough or anti-establishment…not because they actually thought of anything to do with religion.

However…they did do well in the debate [you can catch the whole thing here]. I read a comment or two complaining that they were rude…they themselves said that they were hard on the Pro-god team. I say no. At first glance, they may have seemed harsh, but actually…I honestly think we’re just used to god people telling us we’re going to hell. It no longer sounds rude to us. They were no ruder than anyone in a debate.

Watch it…though it is a bit embarrassing, actually, when it comes clear how little research Kirk and Ray have done and what grand claims they make.


3 Responses to “I never really liked Growing Pains.”

  1. Jangari Says:

    Kids said they were atheist to sound tough or anti-establishment…not because they actually thought of anything to do with religion.

    This reminds me of a history and philosophy of science class I had a few years ago, and at one point it became pertinent for the coordinator to ask our religious beliefs.
    “You’re Christians, right?” He asked, to most of us replied “Atheists, actually”. His response was “Bah, that is Christian!”

    We were all suitably befuddled, until it became clear that he meant culturally and not spiritually, that is, we all grew up in predominantly Christian households, as opposed to Islamic or Jewish households – he was an Israeli Jew, incidentally. Apparently the three different cultures (I didn’t think they were that different) historically treated science a bit differently.

  2. Jangari Says:

    Holy Shit! I didn’t realised I used so many adverbs!

  3. himbly Says:

    haha…love the adverbs myself. And adjectives. Profs aren’t so happy.

    Yeah..I’m agnostic myself, but it took a bit of soul searching…..to essentially end up a fence-sitter. haha. Catholic school breeds plenty of knee-jerk atheists.

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