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First year…she eez done. April 20, 2007

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Well…almost. In WoW speak, I”m like half a bubble away.

I emailed my prof my paper last night at 2:30am, I did a quick addition to a paper that ‘s not going to get me any marks, but I wanted my prof to know that I figured something out….now I’ve got to finish my revision of my paper from last semseter and then…I’m done. Well, that and marking exams.

I slept all afternoon. I spent the morning pacing like a caged animal. All my procrastination stuff didn’t thrill me like it used to (no offense, blahhgy…I’ll always love you). Apparently flitting from thing to thing this morning was really tiring because I conked out around 2 and didn’t get up until after 5:30…with intermittent fearful sit-up-in-bed time where I had to talk myself out of feeling like I needed to get back to work.

So, to lighten up the mood around here, I thought I’d post a meme I found over at Elizaboothy, a blog I check out because I love those blogs that are crafy, colourful, cheery and hip. Her blog is lovely.

james brown or marvin gaye? James Brown, though he apparently was a real prick.

chinese or indian takeout? Indian. I like me some Chinese takeout, but I will go for Indian any time.

fleece or knitted blanket? Knitted. I like fleece, but it collects every bit of lint I run into.

girls with makeup or without? I don’t wear makeup usually, and I can’t stand the thought of foundation. Probably will need to sooner or later, though.

costco or whole foods? I’d love to see what Whole Foods is all about. Costco is too far out and I don’t have room for mega-sized things anyway.

wildflowers or arrangements? both. Love the wildflowers, but some arrangements can be beautiful.

tradition or shakeups? Shakeups, though shakeups put me in a bad mood at first.

cello or trumpet? Hmmm…so different it’s difficult to say. Platypus is learning to play a mean cello and I can hardly wait to hear it.

watch-wearing or no? I keep meaning to buy a watch, but I haven’t since I got a cell.

salt water or fresh (for swimming)? Well….fresh for swimming. Salt for frolicking. I’m a slave to large bodies of water, though.

pants or shorts? I decided two years ago that I was now too old to wear shorts. Skirts or pants.

chatspeak or absolutely NOT? depends. I’m old school and type out ‘hahahaha’ when I laugh.

digital camera or old-school? oh…I have to finally admit I suck at photography and waiting for film to develop sucks to find out. Digital.

wireless or plugged in? Wireless! I’m a roamer.

waltz or tango? Krump

brian williams or anderson cooper? dunno

time or newsweek? Harper’s, usually

waterbed or mattress? Mattress. Does anyone have waterbeds anymore?

cream and sugar or not? double cream and a little bit of sugar.

CNN or BBC News? BBC…I’m addicted to their podcasts. I’m also addicted to CBC podcasts.

iTunes or something else? iTunes…god, iTunes

scented candles or unscented? Umm..unscented unless I”m too lazy to get some oils going.

prairie or mountain? Both are beautiful.

socks or barefoot? Socks. I hate cold feet.

matt damon or ben affleck? Jason Lee

brass or pewter? pewter, I guess.

wool or cotton? both.

willow tree or pine? Willow for the look, pine for the smell.

gerald ford or jimmy carter? undecided.

france or italy? Either in a heartbeat, but Italy if I had to choose.

electric or gas stove? Gas.

thrift store or outlet? Outlet, I’m afraid. I’m over thrift shopping.

japanese garden or english garden? Japanese, but not to say English gardens aren’t beautiful.

sophia loren or liz taylor? Sophia Loren.


3 Responses to “First year…she eez done.”

  1. Reg Says:

    France was nice and I would love to go back again but getting to Turin, Italy is at the top of my list. When Turin hosted the Olympics I learned that Turin is basically a chocolate lovers dream. Oh yeah, a week in Turin eating chocolate. I wonder if the Italian ladies go for the slightly overweight Canadian boy thing?

  2. Reg Says:

    Thank you Wikipedia:

    Turin is the birth place of solid chocolate. It was in Turin that, at the end of the 18th century, Mr Doret invented a revolutionary machine that could make solid chocolate (as opposed to drinking chocolate).

    Turin chocolate firms produce a typical chocolate, called Gianduiotto , named after Gianduja, a local Commedia dell’arte mask; plus many other kinds of chocolate (Italian : cioccolato), all equally delicious.

    Every year the town organizes cioccolaTO’, a two-week chocolate festival run with the main Piedmontese chocolate producers, such as Venchi and others, as well as some big international companies, such as Lindt & Sprüngli.

  3. himbly Says:

    What?? Turin = chocolatetown? I’m packing my bags!

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