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Awww…heck. I dunno.

Re: This so-called “white culture” April 16, 2007

Filed under: misc — himbly @ 8:24 pm

So, I’ve decided.

I don’t have to write about every cockamamie topic that crosses my path, so I’m giving this one a pass from now on. This one is dumb dumb dumb.

My official last word: White culture? White schmulture. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.


6 Responses to “Re: This so-called “white culture””

  1. Mark Says:

    Your response is a tad confusing. Not quite sure what is “dumb dumb dumb” about it; I’d bet my Guild Wars games that you’d sure never refer to other cultures as “dumb dumb dumb.” (Wouldn’t be peecee.)

    “White culture” perhaps is a misnomer, but the greatest values of the West originated in Europe (i.e., that “white culture”).

  2. himbly Says:

    You’ve not read a thing I’ve said about it here, over at M’ville or even DMB.

    There is no “white culture” there is only individual European cultures and from where I stand, they’re every bit as valuable (and healthy) as any other cultures. The idea of a “white culture” (ie. one great big culture where if you’re white, you’re in) is dumb dumb dumb. IF that is the definition. I can’t get anyone to define it properly.

    So…calling it ‘dumb dumb dumb’ is not ~not PC~…because it doesn’t exist and never did.

  3. I thought you would have gone for some of the softer targets I offered. ‘Thunk’, for one. The ambigious antecedents of adjectives.

    I will accept this for what it is: A challenge to write better propaganda, more better propaganda, more better propaganda more often.

  4. himbly Says:


    At the risk of sounding like Carly Simon, the post(s) you’re refering to aren’t actually about you. Yeah, you were part of it, but I figured you were joking so I took your link out. Actualy…some guy who writes a blog called I’m Not Paranoid was quite serious.

    PS. What are ambiguous antecedents of adjectives?

  5. himbly Says:


    I”m too lazy to go in and edit my last comment so I’m adding on.

    And what I must add is this…I do understand why you felt that post ~was~ about you and yer crazy shenanegins (sp?). I replied a lot over at your crib(s) but not at the I am Paranoid guy because, well, no one seems to comment over there…including him.

    Ohh…do you think that “thunk” would offend my linguistic sensibilities? Actually, no. You see, dear Fenris, as linguists we describe not prescribe. Although we each have our grammatical quirks (mine is people not using accusative case after a preposition “between you and I”…drives me batty) in general, linguists are okay with it if it makes sense.

    You can see in past posts that I don’t even really like syntax. I’m a phonology girl.

  6. mark Says:

    “…they’re every bit as valuable (and healthy) as any other cultures.”

    AHEM, that’s *extremely* debatable!

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