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Awww…heck. I dunno.

Joe Francis in jail April 13, 2007

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It’s about effing time.

I’ve been half assed following this story as I am slowly moving out of an ‘addicted to celeb gossip’ phase. Wait. I want to explain that bit.

When I worked at the last place, there was a TON of free time. No work coming in meant that employees could pretty much do what they wanted. The last year I was there I was taking undergrad classes in order to get myself back into fighting shape for the MA. Lots of that spare time was taken up with knitting, studying, and celeb gossip. There were two magazine shops almost directly downstairs from us, so they flew around like nobody’s business.

All of a sudden I knew all sorts of information about people I had never seen (not owning a TV at the time). But…I also learned about Bradgelina and TomKat and blah blah blah…I’ve started to bore myself…

Now my celeb gossip is restricted to Lainey Gossip, Go Fug Yourself, and Celebitchy when I’m really into the procrastination biz. Where was this line of thought going to take me…??? Ummmm….

See kids? Celeb gossip rots your brain.

OH yeah..before I started on the Joe Francis is in jail party, I wanted to mention that getting TV again can sure make a gal sick of celeb gossip. It’s one thing if you seek it out for fun when you’re “playing hooky” with your homework. A whole other thing when it is jammed down your throat like a wad of cotton on a broomhandle. All I have to say is no wonder Britney shaved her head and Anna Nicole was crazy. No freaking wonder.

Still, though….

Joe Francis. Creator of Girls Gone Wild. Friend of the tragically famous. Greasy shitball.

So…essentially I think the guy is in jail for tax fraud. Actually, I don’t care why. I just read an article where he’s been busted for having drugs in his cell and did everything but actually tell the guard.

I was just thinking about what to say but what can you say about such an entitled, self-congratulating piece of shit? The only reason that he made it big with those stupid Girls Gone Wild videos is because no one else thought to sink that low and still be profitable. I don’t think it’s a good or classy thing to do to publicly wish anyone harm or abuse…so I don’t wish it for JF. What I do wish, however, is a lesson in humility and he’s certainly in the right environment to be taught.

I’ve got to do work now..but I had to get that off my chest.


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