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Well, I know I am *A* star. April 12, 2007

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You are The Star

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised


6 Responses to “Well, I know I am *A* star.”

  1. Ah, the Star. If you observe the cards, you will see that the light source from key 16 (the Tower) begins to become larger and larger through the progression from The Star (key 17) through The Moon (key 18), The Sun (key 19), and so on.

    Here is a nice link with some Tarot references http://www.learntarot.com/maj17.htm

  2. himbly Says:

    Sargon…are you taking me on as an apprentice?

  3. Apprentice? That’s a Masonic term. Let’s not get them involved, shall we?

    Otherwise, I will need to cast your horoscope, purely for academic interest. For that I need your birth date, birth time, and location of birth. send this data to sargon9000@hotmail.com.

  4. himbly Says:


    I’m not shy…you can have those details here:

    November 9, 1972
    1:52 am
    Calgary, Alberta

  5. Sun 17 Scorpio; Moon 23 Sag; Asc 14 Virgo etc etc. I can email you a pdf of your chart, or you can go to astro.com and punch in the numbers yourself. blah blah, woof woof

    Your chart pattern is called a ‘bucket’ or ‘cup’, with Saturn in Gemini as the ‘handle’.

    High position after trials or time; good expectations; see resources as a means to the end; much moving of residence; accurate hunches, premonition, leading to prophetic utterances, nonetheless, a tendency to fight obstacles of your own creation; tendency to overwork; people learn from you; career in teaching; inheritance coming (soon, when pluto conjuncts your jupiter at 6 capricorn) with ‘in-laws’ putting up some strife.

    Venus is your chart ruler (which is good as it brings material possessions, comforts and pleasures), but Saturn/Mercury/Jupiter are not under her jurisdiction, and these three are in ‘mutual reception’ to each other so they form a bickering committee.

    Saturn is important in your chart by default: a) by dominion over Jupiter (hence, your ‘obstacles in life’ are but creations of your own doing which is good as your ‘obstacles’ are ultimately internal) b) by rulership over your ‘north node’ which indicates that your ‘life purpose’ is a saturnine one of ‘imposing boundaries’ (making definitions, outlining conditions) c) by ‘paternal’ influence over your ruling Venus (Saturn is exalted in Libra, where your Venus resides and Rules, so it takes on a ‘wise counsellor’ role. Complexity results from the role of the ‘wise counsellor’ who is also the agent of delay, as well as the author of their solution.

    That is not a very well written analysis, but off the cuff, eh what.

    These ‘insights’ you have are rather interesting.

  6. himbly Says:

    Hmmm…interesting, Sargon.

    I like the career in teaching part as that’s what I”m working toward.

    I am rather unnerved by the inheritance, though.

    Thanks for the reading.

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