What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

down for the count April 11, 2007

Filed under: linguistics — himbly @ 8:03 am

One more day until Paper #1: Syntax is due. I am tired.

However, it’s looking up. I’ve managed to wrestle most of it into some sort of submission and it’s all there on the page, albeit in pretty funky sentences and with some ‘notes’ at the end when I got too tired last night to write. It’s about 4 pages over the limit but that’s been cut down from 6 and I”m certain I’ve done 4 pages worth of repeating myself and blah blah blahing. I may just pull this effer off.

But…after tomorrow, there’s no time to dally because I’ve got another one due on the 20th for my course in the acquisition of first language phonology. This, however, is my thang so I’m not too worried. Where syntax papers make me want to pace and mutter to myself…not to mention that the suspension of disbelief really can be exhausting sometimes…L1 phonology is interesting and fun to read about (for the most part). My only worry is that I’ve got to fit it all into an OT tableau and it’s probably going to take me about a week just to figure that effer out.

Oh…hey! There it is. Writing that made tension rise from my stomach to my chest. Ah…that familiar anxiety is starting to be like mother’s milk to me.

And I have the very beginnings of a cold…I expect to be full blown sick by the eve of the 19th. Yay me.


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