What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

My girl sits behind me all the time… April 8, 2007

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…behind me all the time…behind me all the tiiiiiiimmme.
(apologies to Eddy Murphy)

Had brunch at Nanny’s house…which is pretty remarkable that she put together a decent little brunch at 90. My mum helped her a whole lot, of course, but it was still impressive.

But…I came back and it was back to binding and minimalism c/o Reuland (2001) and Hornstein (2006). *siiiigh*

My desk featuring all articles pertaining to my paper (those stacked on top of piles) and other articles pertaining to other projects (lower in said stacks):


You will notice at the end bottles of essential oils (concentration and relaxation), vitamins (because I will get sick after all this is done…it is the way of things), and a knitting blog on my monitor (busted).

This is me upon returning to this mess:


There’s nothing for it. Just elbow grease and the will to carry on.

But I have support…all I have to do is very carefully turn my chair:


She lays with her head on a stack of articles with a knitting book on top and supports me in the fight. Thanks Curls.


6 Responses to “My girl sits behind me all the time…”

  1. renée Says:

    So, it is Curly. Indeed she is a catch!

    So, I have to ask…what’s up with all the photos of you lately…you used to shudder at the thought of images of you in your blog…or so the perception was to ME. Glad your face is around more though 🙂

  2. himbly Says:

    Well…I have to admit. It’s kind of an experiment. I figure if I post photos of myself (especially ones with no makeup and some goofy shots) that I’ll feel less insecure about my pictures. I’ll just accept that’s how I look and be fine with it.

    Curly is fantastic…I love her to death. I’ve actually never met a sweeter dog.

  3. renée Says:

    You always look sweet. And always like you could have been a silent film star…coulda been (if only you’d applied yourself a bit harder). Tsk.

  4. himbly Says:

    Damn the talkies. They ruined hollywood!

  5. himbly Says:

    I should do that for halloween. I should make up myself to be all B&W and do the cupid bow lipstick and carry around cue cards taht say: “no! you’ll never get the deed to the farm!” and stuff.

  6. renée Says:

    yes. you should.

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