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Awww…heck. I dunno.

WKRP was the best April 5, 2007

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I stand before you broken and humbled. I’ve got one week to pull off this paper. I’ll do it, but my health and sanity may suffer because during this, I have to prepare for another paper and mark assignments for the 201 class. Then quickly finish off a revision for another paper. Then…then I shall faint dead away and watch not but reality tv and eat not but cheeseburgers and play not but WoW…for a day or two before I get back at it.

Hey..is that ‘not but’ or ‘naught but’?

So, my little hit counter says that I get more people reading me if I’ve got something to say…but right now I’m tapped out. I know it hurts my stomach to eat the past couple of days, which is probably not a good sign. I know that Facebook is really interesting when you’re trying to force yourself to read and that you can sign up for it when you’re super busy. I know that I’ve missed the last episode of Flavour of Love where he apparently picks Deelishus over New York because I can’t get used to the fact that TV runs on it’s own schedule and we’ve become Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert’s bitches. And I know I like cheeseburgers.

Actually, speaking of TV. Forgive me, but since we got it about a month ago…ummm…I still don’t see what the big deal is. I think I’m missing all the good shows (‘cept for the three mentioned above). I thought I’d see more documentaries and more clever comedies…but really, it’s just a bunch of reality bullshit. Don’t get me wrong…I like reality bullshit…but I don’t need to pay for it. And the Simpsons is lame now.

I thought, too, that I would see great old shows…like WKRP…and WKRP. Okay, and MASH. I heard, though, that WKRP is being released on DVD but they had to replace most of the music (including Jennifer’s doorbell) with other stuff. Really…I’m not sure I want to watch the edited version of WKRP. I’ve got a bunch of VHSes in the storage area with taped episodes (yes, including the one with Hoyt Axton) and I think that might just do me. Bah…copyrights and licensing. What crap.

However, I’m willing to make up with TV and wait it out until I have time to sit on my ass and watch it get fatter. Then I’ll judge.

love, Himbly


4 Responses to “WKRP was the best”

  1. Letchard Wolfdick Says:

    Hey, Toots!

    Need some help with homework? No problem! I can be over there in a flash in my Lexus Imperial with the leopard interior. We can relax and listen to some tunes in the back seat (and get all comfortable-like).

    I have a buddy who runs a homework service. He does your homework and you give him money. What a deal!

    I will bring a chocolate cheese cake.

  2. himbly Says:

    Why sir! I’m overwhelmed by your generosity. Unfortunately, due to the above picture, I”m trying to stay away from sweets, homework services, and shady characters with leopard interior Lexuses. No offense.

  3. Letchard Wolfdick Says:

    We could feed the sweets to the raccoons.

    As for shady characters, we just won’t tell Fenris.

  4. himbly Says:

    Yeah! Didya hear about his ether/rag school of self esteem??

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