What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

pssst March 28, 2007

Filed under: misc — himbly @ 10:34 pm

I live directly above a sushi restaurant.

The building in which I live is fairly old for this city’s standards, and so there are actually holes in parts of the (thin) floor that allow noise to travel very easily. One such hole is behind me right now, by the radiator.

They’ve just closed, and as is their habit, the staff is hanging out and chatting in Japanese. Now, I like the sound of Japanese, so I’m happy to listen to it. There’s about 2 guys down there and a zillion girls…the waitresses…all in cute black cotton dresses and knee-high socks (no, I can’t see them now, but I’ve been there tons and that’s what their uniforms look like). Someone is clearly cracking jokes down there left and right because waves of giggles are eminating from the floorboards.

It just struck me now. I’m am sitting directly above someone’s fetish.


3 Responses to “pssst”

  1. Reg Says:

    Keep typing damn it keep typing!!!

  2. himbly Says:

    …and then they all went out for icecream

  3. Ian Scott Says:

    “I’m am sitting directly above someone’s fetish.”

    Any legwarmers in the crowd?

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