What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

HAHAHAHAHAHA… March 22, 2007

Filed under: knitty,school — himbly @ 7:53 pm

I, on purpose, picked a pretty creepy pic to display my newest creation. Val’s Red Hat…otherwise known as le slouch (as seen in the other awful post about Christine’s new hat). If you ignore my old glasses, my creepy ‘hiya, sailor’ look and my nightguard…that’s a pretty sweet hat, if you ask me.


I kinda promised myself I’d take pics of all my finished products. Plus, I promised myself if I posted pics of me, I was going to post some ridiculous ones, too. I don’t photograph well…so it would be impossible to only post good pics.

I feel better about my presentation after a Strongbow. I know I didn’t do great on the presentation, but somehow alcohol has helped me through it. However, you know that ‘false sense of calm’ I’ve been yakking about lately? Yeah. Today was the day. Queezy stomach, tight chest, flushed face…they have become my companions…my old friends. They have come back to me to remind me that I’m in a heap of trouble if I don’t start churning stuff out 3 days ago.


I’m sorry all my posts are about me these days, but I just cannot find it in myself to have an opinion on anything else…save linguistics. Somehow I find it hard to write about ling on this blog. Maybe that’ll be my next challenge. My ling projects. I mean more than posting my wordlist then strutting like a peacock. Not sure that anyone wants to hear it, but prolly no one wants to hear me rant about myself, either.

UPDATE: Sweet Jesus! do yourself a favour and don’t click on that thumbnail. It’s a huge pic!!


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