What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

Good morning, my toasty little muffins March 20, 2007

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Once I figured out how to get into wordpress, the rest was easy…

I finished a hat for my lab-mate Val last night…I also took pics but I’ve featured too much of my pudgy face on this blog lately, so I will wait to post the finished product. Plus, I took all the pics with my nightguard in (I finished it while watching TV in bed and clenching my jaw), so…wow. I look hawt. And drooling.

School is coming to an end shortly and for some reason, this does not set my bowels to ‘clench’. At the moment, I feel as though things are under control. Now…please do not mistake me. My bowels should be set to ‘clench’ and I absolutely DO NOT have anything under control…I am fully cognizant that my feeling of good will is all an illusion. I have a paper due on the 12th for which I”ve not set fingers to keyboard yet. I guess I’m just riding out good times…bad, tired, stressed out times are soon to come.

However, spring is springing…as it does in Calgary…in fits and spurts. DST has made it so that the evenings are nice and light for longer and longer and I looovvee that. As I get older, I do tend to enjoy the ‘in between’ seasons more and more.

I have designed a wordlist and, although no one is that excited but me and my advisor, it is a thing of absolute beauty. 3 sets of 6 lists of 12 words. Kick total ass. The final product looks like this:


Which may not look like much, but the way it’s designed is sooooo colour code-y and soooo easy to manipulate that I could plotz from the pride.

Do you need any fake English-sounding words? I can hook you up.

So…by tonight I will have my ethics approval request finished and it will be sent in soon, and then I record the wordlist and bam! In come the babies! It’s all going so fast…I think I need to powder my nose.

I had some more stuff to blaaahhg about, but I can’t remember what that was and I need to get dressed anyway. Our usual lab meeting has turned into a lab lunch and I am always on time for food. As Flav would say, I know what time it is. Food time.


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