What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

what? It’s like -30 out there? November 26, 2006

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It’s totally cold out there! So completely freaking cold, and because I live in a cave and the manager has control of the heat for the whole cave building, it was freezing first thing this morning. Obviously it seems that it affected the manager finally as now I’m cuddling up to a fully blasting radiator. Well, not fully. When this baby goes, there’s no need for toques and sweaters inside.

So, I don’ tknow if it’s the cold weater or just me, but this has been the weekend of sleeping and eating and goofin’ around…so far. I spent yesterday doing nothing related to school – and I slept in until 11. These things are highly irregular for me, but I had a crazytime week. As soon as I’m done this, though, I start…reading and marking…marking and reading. The consuming will probably remain as I am sitting here with a bowl of Kettle Chips in front of me, a bottle of water, a glass of orange juice and a mug of tea. Ta da!

I also woke up with a cold sore on my lip. Gross. Ivana once gave me some Chinese medication for cold sores and this stuff works like magic. Whatever stage of coldsore-ary you’re at, it seems to stop dead in its tracks. Bam! Right in your kisser.

I worked at the theatre on Friday (after a very long day at school) and there was a ‘do’ being hosted by some organic food company Planet Foods. Honestly, we’ve had a ton of people rent the theatre out but I”ve never seen such nice and generous people. You should have SEEN the gift bags they gave everyone…then offered us to take as many as we wanted. I got 4. Filled with all sorts of tasty organic treats…including this INSANE chocolate bar with kickinghorse coffee beans crushed inside. Holy effing crap! Sweet Jesus!

Then…after riding that little high, the sound system crapped out for the second show and I had to give everyone their money back. Wow. That was really not good times. Then, afterwards, we figured out that there was one little switch I didn’t know existed that had tripped. Glad that we got crap running again, annoyed that I could have saved myself and 18 other people a lot of trouble if I knew that switch existed before things went South.

My blogging is seriously all over the place. I’m starting to see a pattern…procrastination pattern.


2 Responses to “what? It’s like -30 out there?”

  1. eener Says:

    Pray tell, what is the name of this beast?
    “INSANE chocolate bar with kickinghorse coffee beans crushed inside”

  2. Himbly Says:

    goodness me, I never stopped to ask. Hold on, I have a wrapper in my garbage:


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