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quiz November 26, 2006

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What’s Your Communication Style?


Intuitors place high value on ideas, innovation, concepts, theory and long-range thinking. They tend to derive their greatest satisfaction from the world of possibilities. Often their imaginative inputs have a way of being a catalyst for the thinking of those round them. They tend to be more stimulated and personally rewarded by intellectual problem-solving efforts, rather than in implementing solutions.

Intuitors are often respected as fast and deep thinkers. They reveal excellent imaginations and ten to question themselves and others. They challenge because they have learned the value of continuous probing and reexamination. They are not accustomed to taking things fro granted and seem to have an uncanny ability to anticipate or project- to “know” before may others around them know. They are often seen as leaders and great visionaries with an ability to see relationships between things than many others do not understand or are unable to comprehend.

Intuitors tend to accept the fact that disorder and chaos are inevitable. They are confident of their ability to grasp the meanings of all the conflicts about them and tend to see these conflicts in terms of clashed of major forces, rather than as her and now situations or occurrences. They are inclined to look at the world from the broadest perspective and pride themselves on their ability to see interrelationships between divorce or even abstract parts. They enjoy creating their own structure out of disorder and excel in integrative tasks and situations demanding a long term view.

Because of their interest in the forces of conflicts and theoretical possibilities, Intuitors are sometimes seen as “hard to pin down” or understand. Their question can sometimes be seen as negative or hostile, and others will sometimes refer to them as operating “in a world of their own.” Intuitors usually resent feeling “hemmed in” by requirements to think or operate in a structured, well defined manner and may see others who are concerned about details or the immediate here-and -nows having really missed the importance of the “true” issues. Their inward looking tendencies- drawing meaning from their imaginations- can be seen by others as unreal or impractical.
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