What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

running ahead like molasses in January November 14, 2006

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Why can’t I do it?

I set aside entire days, y’all. I make lists. I check them twice. But I still end up sitting here doing the minimum to get by.

I intend to do so much on my days off. I plan to read ahead, get my assignments finished early, start on papers due next month…but I end up for hours surfing through blogs, getting knitting patterns, updating my iPod (love the iPod) and it’s sooo difficult to get down to it. Yet…and yet…I know that with the work I’ve done tonight, I will at least not be in trouble Wednesday when I have to present the article I’m reading.

Another thing. The article I’m reading? Really interesting. Really interesting (to me, at least). Why, then, do I drag my feet so damn much?

The only thing I’m not dragging my feet in is my thesis prep. Dude, I am so far ahead in that. You know why, though? My advisor kicks my ass. I know that she knows that I know that she will not tollerate any bullhockey and so I get my shit done for her. Today she told me how awesome it was that we’re so far ahead of the game and we plan for me to start testing babies by the summer. Dude…my lifelong dream of hooking babies up to machines is going to become a reality!

Actually…I regretfully have to admit here that there will be no hooking anything up to machines. It’s just my little figure of speech which allows me for a brief moment to imagine I am creating a cy-baby. Damn…if only I could get the ethics approval on that.

Anyway…where was I? I drift off when I think of my own race of attack robots.

I have SO much to do. Seriously. It’s crazy. I have no idea why I’m calm right now.

On other fronts, the car is fixed, and C and I ate the rest of my b-day cake in a frenzy of whipped cream and kirsch-soaked-chocolate-loveliness. Now, I resume my frequently faltering attempts back to health and fitness. I have been eating like a bulimic pig the past week and I know I’ve gained that sudden weight that kinda just one day is like POP and you look like you’re a panda that just came out of the dryer on ‘fluff’ cycle. My bra hurts this week.

Whatever…it’s going. Running and eating healthy. Here we go!


I finished my second pair of mittens (more procrastination) ever and I am in love with them and plan on making a hat then marrying the three in a small civil ceremony. Really, I’m settling, though, because I’ve got an IKEA kids toybox full to the brim with better yarn than the stuff I made the mitts out of. I’m so accepting of faults. My boyfriend must be more accepting since he’s wearing the first pair of mittens I’ve ever made. They are two different sizes and are also lame. I offered to make him new ones right away, but he insisted (since it was my b-day) I make myself a pair first. So, mine are kick ass and his are lame. Maybe that’s why we’re in love.

Oh! I got a camera for my b-day! I’ll take a picture of the mitts and you can compare.

My thesis is kick ass, by the way, but it would take longer than I want to write tonight to explain it so I’ll leave that for another day when I’m feeling more comfortable and expose-y.

I’m knitting an iPod cover right now that will be my first felting project. Am I lame that I’m excited to see how the two shades of blue in the yarn will look when felted? Yeah…thought so?

I’m writing because a/ I don’t want to go to bed yet, b/ I don’t want to do more homework, and c/ I feel like there’s something I’m forgetting to say and if I keep going I’ll eventually find it. Man, my thighs feel fat tonight.

Podcasts! I never knew how much I would love them. Every morning I download more crap than I can ever have time to listen to during the day. CBC and BBC have become my mistresses.

Dang…I’m just gonna give this up now. I should get to bed.