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Kinda puts things in perspective… November 12, 2006

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Clearly, I need to travel more:

create your own visited country map

create your own personalized map of Canada

I realy haven’t seen much of Canada. I know that with some people the argument goes, “I want to see my own country before I start traveling out to see the rest of the world”, but I always thought that was a bunch of bull-hockey. I always felt, when I was younger, that I wanted to see other countries first because there’s always time to see your own. You can do that when you’re old, but there’s some stuff you want to do while you’re still young.

I haven’t traveled for so long and looking at that map shows me that there’s places I really wanted to see by now, but never made it. Huge continents I left unexplored because Europe is so easy to travel through. One day I’ll get back on the road. But, I think I’ve outgrown hostels. Oh dear unexplained and misunderstood and perhaps non-existant power in this universe, please make it possible for me not to stay in hostels anymore.