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knitting dork October 9, 2006

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I know this is a/ dorky and b/ time wasting, but I’ve got to tell ya something.

Although I’ve got, like, 5 knitting projects on the go:

1- legwarmers for myself
2- legwarmers for AM (that I promised her ages ago)
3- octopus for C (got 4 legs done so far)

…okay, 3…whatever…the point is that although I’ve got these on the go and want to start a few more, I had a serious hankerin’ for a new toque.

Not just ~any~ toque…no sir.

I pulled out a skein of my most expensive wool (unfortunately not featured anywhere on that website, but it’s the same place). It is 75% wool, 25% silk and 100% delicious! It’s a sorta stripey yarn…died different colours throughout and let me tell you…I CANNOT stop knitting this hat! I’m like this:

…oh my god, I love that shade of brown…gorgeous…wait! Wait! Is that hot hot hot pink coming up? ohhh..what are they going to look like together? Here it comes…OOOHhhhh! It’s beautiful! Is that orange I see? What a crazy and brilliant orange! Here it comes…bam! So pretty! …

and so forth…

So…then! Then! I made the mistake/incredible discovery of looking at the INSIDE of my hat in good light! It’s like a flavour sensation for my eyes! I can’t stop staring at the inside of this g-damn hat!

Completely at the mercy of this yarn.

Thing is..I’ve got no time for this. None. But I”m like putty in it’s fibres.


5 Responses to “knitting dork”

  1. eener Says:

    you’re so effing cute

  2. Ian Scott Says:

    Mmmmm… leg warmers 😉

    Himbly, thanks for your comments elsewhere. Appreciated.

  3. Himbly Says:

    No problem, Ian. I just felt it to be very unfair. I’m glad it’s solved, though (as far as GOTR has posted).

  4. Himbly Says:

    As for you, LMCT…*blush*

    aaannnddd…guess what?? I ripped the whole hat out! It’s back to a ball of yarn and about 3 rows of a slightly smaller hat.

    dang…that hurt.

  5. RightGirl Says:

    You have been emailed.


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