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"You only just press a button, really…how hard can it be?" September 4, 2006

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After a night like tonight…


in fact, a summer like this summer


….anyone who says the above quote -or a moderation thereof- to any projectionist (and I’ve heard a few myself)…I hearby tell you to go soak your head and suck a dozen eggs.


5 Responses to “"You only just press a button, really…how hard can it be?"”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What happened?


  2. Himbly Says:


    I bumped the projector while moving the print to the platter. Didn’t pay the bump any mind but I moved the reflector cone when I did it. So, when film started, it was really really dark (this was for RHPS, btw). Phil and I, not knowing that the cone would have moved, thought it might have been the dousers, though it was weird ’cause, of course, with a douser..no light should get through. Poor mike came down and tried some stuff and then he noticed that some metal blocks were askew. Metal blocks, you ask??

    WELL…we needed to change the bulb again recently and when we did somehow the cone ended up sitting stacked on some metal blocks and washers and stuff (??!) and they didn’t screw down the whole thing. Now, it was my fault, but in my defense, aren’t you supposed to screw the damn thing down? I’ve bumped it harder than that in the past and there’s been no problem because the cone hasn’t been sitting so precariously upon blocks and washers and it had been screwed down.

    Anyway…so, it took a very long time to figure this stuff out ’cause I totally forgot I bumped into it…but it actually got remedied and Phil said that the mishap contributed to the party atomosphere and the concession sales went up. So…yay in the end.

  3. Himbly Says:

    I just checked your blog…the post with all the pictures of you changing the bulb. Okay..those washers and metal blocks were not there before. So wtf?? Plus…that thing you had to unscrew…was totally loose.


    It can’t have been so screwed up that we had to prop the cone on these things, can it?? Do you know?

  4. dan Says:

    Sometimes the douser only blocks part of the light, and you still get a full screen of light, but it’s dimmer. I don’t remember any metal blocks being in the way when I changed the lamp, but I forget everything.

    Once we had a lamp die, and our spare was no good. So we got one rushed in, but it turned out to be the wrong size (500 watts too big and about 4 inches too long). This was a friday, so I spent the entire day “modifying” a Super Lume-X lamphouse so it would accept a larger lamp, and the next day we were back onscreen, and good for the weekend. It was my proudest projection moment.

  5. Himbly Says:

    Well, I don’t know if you know this guy, but there’s this tech guy… Dan but I don’t remember his last name…he hung around during the last film fest and he was the biggest asspain to have in the booth. So terribly condescending that I wanted to punch him in the mouth. He ran the DVD equipment (much more involved than our own stuff) and I ran the 35 mm. Then he would tell me how to run the 35 mm. Ass. Unfortunately, he does know his stuff.

    Anyway, he came to change the bulb last time and so it must’ve been him who so precariously stacked the blocks and washers. CIFF is coming this week, and there’s going to be a lot of shuffling around, so I just hope that we don’t have the same problem.

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