What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

! July 16, 2006

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I’ve lost my legwarmers!


4 Responses to “!”

  1. Himbly Says:

    found ’em

  2. Ian Scott Says:

    Whew! Glad you found them! If I ever get a chance to get to Calgary, hope you’ll be wearing them too! 😛

    Actually, just might be in the Calgary area next summer – The Bow river will be the venue for the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships.

  3. Himbly Says:

    Hey! You’re back! How are things?

    Too hot for legwarmers…I’ve been making them for friends in order to have a ‘crew’ so I don’t feel so alone with them on this fall/winter.

  4. Ian Scott Says:

    I’ve been ok.. sick as a dog for two weeks – I seem to get sick about once every ten years, and when I get the flu or cold bug or whateever it is, I REALLY get it.

    And when I got it this time, it really sucked.. right in the middle of summer.. oh well.

    Hopefully when I visit, it won’t be too warm for leg warmers.. even if they are just over bare legs 😉

    I can’t seem to help my fetish for women that wear leg warmers! hehe.

    Maybe I’ll put in an order while you are making them.

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