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The penguins go marching up my bum… January 6, 2006

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shut up.

March of the Penguins was not good and I’ll tell you why.

I am one of the first in any room or to be amazed by the wonder of nature. Animals are fascinating. Creatures all over this big green and blue earth are just chock full of crazy, interesting, wonderful, shocking, etc…things. Biology and evolution have provided each species with unique tools in which to perform certain tasks in order to maintain the ability to create more of the little effers. Totally.

So, why do we always have to anthropomorphize them every. damn. time.?

I just don’t believe that these birds are capable of complex emotions or thoughts. If they march over miles of ice to get this birth thing done, then that’s astonishing enough…you don’t have to pretend that a mama bird is crying over it’s dead young. ‘Cause it’s not.

Case in point? If those mama-penguins loved their children soooo durn much, why was there almost no action when a…

oh dear…here we go with the collective nouns: my sources say that penguins can be a: colony, crèche, huddle, parcel, etc. I’ll use huddle in this case

…huddle of their chicks was getting attacked by that Jimmy Durante looking bird?

I guess I like my animal documentaries about facts, not sentimental, heart-tugging speculation. We have no way of knowing how a penguin feels about a situation because we’re not penguins. Chances are, however, they don’t feel the same way we do in similar situations…why? ’cause our lives are completely different. They’re penguins. We’re humans. And if you haven’t noticed, our responses to survival are pret-ty different.


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