What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

finished (as in a- my semester and b- the state of my being) December 20, 2005

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It is freaking cold in our apartment….for various reasons…some acceptable, some I bitch about…whatever…

anyway, so, any given evening, you can catch me in full body longjohns….and that’s what I usually sleep in…

the type with the trap door

Last night I finished my paper, which means I finished everything I needed in order to end this semester…



so, I ran up to the university last night to hand in my paper way before the 9 AM deadline today. ‘Cept everything was closed.

On the way home, paper still in my hand, I stopped by the liquorstore and bought a bottle of wine.

BF wasn’t feeling well, so he was taking a nap when I got back, so I settled in by pouring a glass and playing WoW.

I got drunk and sobered up by the time he awoke. We played for a little while together then I went to bed to get an early start so I could run up to the uni before work.

couldn’t sleep…couldn’t sleep…couldn’t sleep…woke up early…

so, I’m tired, right? But I was too elated to feel it.

trained it to the uni and when I got there it was quiet…no one about. Not a peep.

so…I debated over: a- shoving my assignment in the slot in the main office door…which would entail a plastic envelope full of stuff and three books I used as references…then imagined someone tripping over the old worn out grammars I used…

or b- hanging my assignment (with all accessories) on the doorknob of her office because I already had it in a plastic bag in case that was my best option…

forward thinking

I picked b…and got back on the train towards downtown so I could go to work. Along the way I imagined every scenario that could possibly prevent the connection between my prof and the assignment hanging on her door….up to and including the thought that since 9/11, maybe strange packages hanging on doors are disposed of by a bomb squad in a foamy mess.

I was tired.

But…I emailed her and she emailed me back saying she got it and to have a good holiday. Thank god. Crisis averted. And now I’m free…and I feel grrreat!

oh…yeah…but I forgot to mention that last night I had a dream that I was sitting in class and for some reason said prof asked me to write something on the board but I refused because I looked down and realized I was wearing my longjohns with the trap door…

hahaha…what a typical ‘school dream’…


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