What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

blog stats December 4, 2005

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stuart mclean
Originally uploaded by himbly.

someone got to my blog by googling the words:

hate “stuart mclean” voice


well, i certainly don’t hate stuart mclean’s voice, and if you’re familiar with stuart mclean and the vinyl cafe then check out his blog. Bet you can’t read it without hearing his voice.

it’s better that way.

i’m gonna try that technique on my text books.


6 Responses to “blog stats”

  1. lilithattack Says:

    I hate that guy.
    ** Yeah, totally creepin’ on your old blog pages! Ha ha! **

  2. himbly Says:

    What?? you hate Stuart McLean? How is that possible?

  3. lilithattack Says:

    I’ve never been able to get past that irritating voice! I can’t stand the sound of it!! I’ve never listened to a program because I have to turn it off to save my ears!

  4. himbly Says:

    hehehe…I looooove him. I mean, he’s not Jonathan Goldstein *sigh*…but I love Stuart McLean.

    I am burning you guys cds, btw. I finally got some.

  5. Tanya Bilsbury Says:

    Haha, I just got here by googling ‘stuart maclean irritating’. I too have to turn the radio off on Saturday afternoons because listening to the way he speaks makes me want to claw my own face. I like his stories, but the rhythmic tone of his voice makes me nuts. Very repetitive and unrealistic.

  6. Doug McIntyre Says:

    His stuff is bourgeois drivel. Why do people listen to the content, never mind the the fake voice that makes me want to jump into a vat of acid? Recall how he used to sound on Morningside. The way audiences cheer for him is troubling. Is it simply that Canadians want mediocre doses of culture? I turn off the radio before the dopey theme music starts up. He knows he’s shit now. Nice way to make a living, I suppose, but his stuff will be relegated to the literary dust bin.

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