What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

an ode to tea December 4, 2005

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peppermint tea
Originally uploaded by himbly.

you google peppermint tea, and you get that picture. I probably shoulda used one without the ‘for promotional use only’ tag…but I think I like it more that way

it’s a no caps kinda day

i’ve got two papers, a take home exam and a regular ol’ final exam within the next two weeks.

yesterday was a very demanding day and i think i stressed so terribly that i’ve probably slept about a whole half day since…not to mention eat 2/3rds of the house.

and now i’ve got a headache and i feel nauseous.

this peppermint tea in front of me is saving my life.

i’m trying so hard to work but i keep flitting from one assingment to another so that the total work i’ve managed to get done equals bupkis.

i just watched arrested development for the first time and a/ it’s totally funny and b/ the david cross character (who is hillarious, btw) is an ex-psycholinguist from MIT that is super weird and flakey and I thought, ‘jesus…when it comes to making fun of people, are linguists up for grabs, too?’

two of my fave profs: one’s a psycholinguist and the other is straight outta MIT, yo.

i went to go see the grad advisor for our department the other day. i can’t stop going over the potential stupid things i said during our meeting. i fixate on my stupidity and akwardness, like, lots…i’m gonna make someone a great grad student one day. when i went to visit him, i guess i expected (don’t know why) him to give me a run down of all the programs i could get into with a BA in linguistics, but all we talked about were MAs in linguistics. easy now. i gots to do more research but i know i would love to do a masters in linguistics.


that’s gonna get me nowhere

besides, it’s been so long. he asked what discipline i’d like to get involved in…uh. dunno. syntax is nice. i like phonetics.



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